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Child Safety Cover

Descripción del modelo 3D

Keep our children safe as easy as possible. Make the product available to all people without need to enquire shipping cost to get it when you really need it to protect your baby.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

All designs were made with 3D Printing in mind. Thus, you would not have to add supports to the print. This results in a smooth surface finish. Moreover, this brings plastic waste to minimum.

The outlet cover was designed to be printed with internal material fill rate of as low as 25% only. While retaining adequate strength.

The design process took in mind reducing the material to provide a valid option compared to the commercial alternative. We estimated the cost as follows:

Weight Cost
30 gram MYR 6.00 (USD 1.70)

For more information on the outlet type used in your country, check the list for your country’s standard outlet types:

I do not guarantee this design, simply because it was not tested professionally. However, we are happy to hear your feedback. We would try to release design updates as they become available.





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