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Zheng's Diminutive Defender

Descripción del modelo 3D

This tiny crossbow will easily fire a cotton swab across a room.

Prints in two pieces, crossbow and nock. The legs are print-in-place and must be hand-oriented after printing.

Clip one end of the swab off first. Attach the nock, string the bow and you're ready to go, Joe!

Those blocks in the background of the photo? They're Dungeon Blocks, part of the latest and greatest in 3D printing Kickstarters!

We're crowdfunding ABC blocks emblazoned with fantasy RPG creatures and dungeon scenery. Check it out at


Seej patient zero. Barbie Armor Designer, artist, worst programmer ever. Mostly illiterate, but has minimal competence in spoken Mandarin. Not real clear on Ohm's law.




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