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PrintBot Beetle

Descripción del modelo 3D

The PrintBot Escarabajo is an educational robot that can follow lines, search for light, and grab objects with its claw.
You can see it in action at
The robot has been designed to attach other components such as servos, LEDs, push buttons, a buzzer, and other sensors included in the product "Mi primer kit de robotica" ("My first robotics kit") distributed by bq.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Printed parts:
You will need to print one copy of each part, except for the following:

4 x screw_cover
2 x wheel_front
2 x wheel_rear
7 x M3x10 screw
1 x M3x12 screw
8 x M3x16 screw
2 x M3x25 screw
2 x M3x35 screw
14 x M3 nut
3 x M3 blocking nut
4 x 3x84mm O-ring
8 x AAA batteries
Parts included in "Mi primer kit de robotica" by bq:
1 x Freaduino UNO (Arduino UNO derivative)
2 x IR sensors for line following
2 x LDR sensors
2 x Continous Rotation Servo
1 x Miniservo (ES08A / SG90)
1 x 8 AAA battery holder
1 x Bluetooth Module (optional)
Build Instructions
See the attached pdf (in Spanish) in the "Files" section. Pictures are clear enough to follow the steps even if you do not understand Spanish.
Example code
Attached you will find two simple Arduino programs ("Arduino_escarabajo..."). One follows a line and the other searches for the brightest spot.
Now you can control your robot through the "RoboPad" app.
So just upload the "Arduino_robopad_escarabajo.ino" into your robot, connect the Bluetooth Module and install the Android app:
Youtube trailer:
This thing and all other published material cannot be considered as a final product of bq and bq takes no responsibility of its use.
It must be considered as an experimental and early released product developed by the Innovation and Robotics Department staff with the intention to share it and test it as soon as possible within the community.
Final releases will be published on &





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