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MT Explorer Scout

Descripción del modelo 3D

MT Explorer Scout is designed for the MakerTron Design Contest on pinshape

MT Explorer Scout for exploring new grounds and areas to let the population of MT bots grow. Keywords of Andres Parada; toy, retro, simple, basic and modular. The design of the mt explorer is based on these keywords. For the legs I wanted to do something different and have thereby been inspired by walle.e The model in the pictures is printed in the lowest quality and with the highest speed. With the best quality settings you will get a lot better result. The design is kept as simple as possible so you can print the MT Explorer Scout anywhere and on any printer. Many parts can be printed without support. cables and eye line are not printed but 1,75mm filament. printer settings; parts are printable on a hot and a cold printbed thickness: 0.2 mm max for a good result nozzle: 0.3mm to 1mm filament pla 2,85mm / 1,75mm


Owner of ctrl design interieurarchitectuur
Owner of By ctrl design

Printing with a Opiliones delta printer




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This guys will certainly one day rule the world!