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Gym Treadmill Accessory Hook

Descripción del modelo 3D

Exercising in a gym is great, but do you feel icky about putting your stuff on these shared machines? What sort of sweat and germs are on these handles? Icky!

To avoid putting my stuff on the treadmill, I designed this universal hook for treadmill handles. You can use it to hang your own towels, water bottles and other personal accessories to avoid coming in touch with shared equipment. Just add a Velcro strip, and you can easily reach your gears with a peace of mind!

Parámetros de impresión 3D

Print with 100% infill, and you need no support material.
Add a fastener through the holes, 7mm wide, 4mm wide to strap on to your gym's round handles.

I recommend hook and loop (e.g. velcro) strips because they hold on tight during vibration. My design is using hook and look strips from

I have created two different hook shapes. If you like this, but want a different hook shape, please let me know and I will make one available.




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