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Custom DSLR Lens Cap - Deadpool Logo

Descripción del modelo 3D

Add angst, obnoxiousness, and pun-filled sarcasm to your DSLR photography by protecting your lens using this Deadpool Lens Cap. Nobody will be proud of you!

Parámetros de impresión 3D

This will include the following files:
1. Squeeze Ring (the one responsible for attaching this to your lens rim)
2. Base Cap (encloses your lens; take note that you'll have to use epoxy, even a general purpose one, to stick to the customized face cap)
3. Custom Face Cap (the custom Deadpool logo)

Easy print for PLA, needs a bit of epoxy to stick the base and the custom face. Takes about 2.5 hours for all 3 parts at 200 microns, no need for supports. The 4 hollow cylinders on top of the base cap and at the bottom of the custom face cap are spaces for applying epoxy or glue - just apply, align them up and clamp them together!

If need one for a different size, please send me a message. I do not have other types or size of lens that's why I haven't been able to redesign and print for other lenses.

I may add a lens cap strap holder soon and this will be free for those who bought this!


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