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Where's ma house? said Sam the Slug

Descripción del modelo 3D

Sam is a bit paranoid, No wonder, someone stole his house! Maybe someone can make one for him?

Parámetros de impresión 3D

I modeled this one after my wife found a slug in the cilantro from the farmers market. She screamed and found it quite disgusting. So I told her that it's just a snail who lost its house and is homeless now. Immediately she pitied the slug and wanted to keep it :-)
Luckily I could convince her that the slug would be happier and have more chances of survival out in the green. Next day she set it free.

Modeled in Sculptris, posed in c4d, cleaned up in netfabb, printed on my Solidoodle 2 over Repetier Host.


My name is Daniel Moos and I am passionate about technology and the new creative avenues it can open up for us. 3D is especially close to my heart/brain and I love everything from modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and rendering.
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