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Descripción del modelo 3D

Mr.Sorn is an experienced graffiti writer and recently turned tattoo artist. This graffiti sculpture was developed from a 3D model I had originally used in an animation. The piece had been painted back in 2007, and is a classic example of his distinct funky lettering.

Please check out his website

Parámetros de impresión 3D

I have made it in 3 pieces to allow for a bigger print on smaller printers. I found using quite heavy supports allowed for a cleaner print but time and care is needed removing them.

Printing at 0.15mm layer height, with 50% infill. The 3 pieces combined take a total of 15 hours 3 minutes and uses 87.7g of filament.

If printing on a printer with a larger print size, then the whole object SORN.STL can be printed at the same settings using slightly less filament and time to print.




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