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Portuguese Rooster

Descripción del modelo 3D

The power of a symbol

A very, very, ancient symbol, associated with folk tales, religions, divination, astrology, sports, eroticism, weather, emblems and even a representation of virtue or vice. But for now, the image of a rooster can mean anything you want, have the color you like and serve any purpose you desire. Just print it.


Based in Portugal, BEEVERYCREATIVE has been making the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer since 2013 to international acclaim.
Our goal is very simple and direct: we want to mark change through 3D printing. Just as 3D printing will change the paradigm of mass-production, bringing it closer to the individual consumer, BEETHEFIRST aims to achieve this goal by combining design, high quality and portability into one attractive package.

You can find BEEVERYCREATIVE here: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube.


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