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Kinoko Lamp

3D model description

Kinoko means "mushroom" in Japanese.

This lamp is controlled by a micro computer, so changes its color randomly time by time.

C source code and parts list is here.

If you have problem on it, please ask me.

note. Generally speaking, it is difficult to get same electric parts in different time or place. Also you need not to use same parts as the list.

If you can not find out substitute parts in your country, I can send it from Japan.

Or, I can send all parts for the Kinoko Lamp for 2,500 JP yen (20 USD) + postage.

Or, complete board with program for 4,000 JP yen (32 USD) + postage.

Toshio Fuji

3D printing settings

I am using DaVinci 1.0 3D printer by XYZ printing.

Layer pitch is 0.3mm.
Normal speed and normal shell thickness.

No raft. No support.
With stick paste(Tombow, Shiwanashi PIT).

420 minutes to print. 40 minutes for shaping and constructing.
50m for ABS.





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