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what exactly is the license rights for these? if i purchase one am i allowed to sell it in a larger diorama to a small clientele?

you can sell after print

thank you kindly for the reply and amazing sculpts! prepare for a giant influx of money in a few days lmao

hehehe thank you

Hello, hello, I printed it out, but I can't sit still, it will fall down



hii which model?

Would it be possible for you to make all of the eeveelutions but sitting?

i will try

Printing parameters for scyther?

model is in cm you can adjust according your needs

Are your models pre-supported for SLA printers?

yes you can

hey! do you plan on releasing a line of squirtle evolutions next? squirtle is by far my favorite starter! hope you do more of the starters in the future too! i love your models! i'm working on getting all of the eeveelutions ready to print now!

yes im working on starter evolutions and thanks for the feedback :-)

nice! i'm excited for the next models!

Hi, would you happen to have the texture maps and/or FBX for your Midnight Lycanroc model?

hi sorry but this model is decimated mesh and have notexture only polypaint process for rendering

Do you allow the 3D printed prop of your models to be sold (of course not the files themselves, but the 3D model that is printed from them)?

Kind Regards, Bob

sure you can

Love your 3d figures, def following to keep an eye on them

thank you so much :-)

your welcome!

Hi, what are lucario’s 3D model mensures? Thanks

Hi, I was wondering about your 3d model of the Shang Chi Ring. Is this model elements separated between each other and is it hollow?

Merged Decimated mesh

Hola en que tiempo sale la mascara del soldado del juego del calamar, y que grosor tiene las rejillas

Hola en que tiempo sale la mascara del soldado del juego del calamar, y que grosor tiene las rejillas

Hi i am imranmehter and this is my another account

Hi is your godzilla head available with the texture map?

hii , no but i will send you zbrush file or fbx if you want

wow really loved your work


I’d give this guy 6 out of 5 stars if I could. Very helpful and very kind and an amazing designer. Thank you!

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I just bought your file and it didn't work, the download isn't working may you email the file to me?

hii pls send your email id

check mail

Hey man, how are you?

Just bought your Nemesis bust\head and its a great model. I haven't printed it yet... but you planning on making a full body? That would be awsome. Let me know.

sure i will and thank you keep supporting

Bonjour ,
Je viens de prendre votre fichier Némésis et lychee indique que le fichier a des problèmes de trous sur des couches et des artefacts. On peut imprimer a qu'elle taille . J'ai indiqué 9 cm de haut . Merci d'avance de votre réponse . J'ai une elegoo Saturn . Cordialement

Nice models as thank you for Like!