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I Guess could been Open en meshmixer and from ther whith a boolean operation could maxe thiner o export to obj and Mabe Open in solidworks
The original files Lost whith mi pc dies sorry

hi Alejandro the pandy odel has ben sold more than 40 times and nobody send mesage for fail, but i will check it any way, and sendyou a mesage later

i look for your purchase in my sales list and in your profile and didint hapend so i might report this mesage

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

Merry Xmas to you

hi merry xmas, you can sell all the 3d prints from my models you like, the only thing i ask is not sell de digital file , the stl

thanks a lot and ofc

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thanks :-)

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Hola, se pudiera imprimir por partes?

si se puede esta dividido para evitar mucho desperdicio en soporte y tiempo

bonjour je me permet de vous contacter car je narrive pas a telecharger le fichier que je vien d'acheter

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Hi sorry for the delay, i gues is more a page problema Mabe the problema is on the servers fron cults, if You send a mail asking for help for the file they can help, or if the problema persiste i can send You the file to an e mail, regrets

urgently need to have you fix this file please, by the eyes it doesnt print the entire piece on both sides.

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it is the paw patrol skye print, please need urgent help

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ok i will check the model ans see what can be done

i the files, one of the files are solid in meshmixer, try printing that one you shoul not have issues whit the print
the name of the file is: skye paw patrolsolid

i have printed a few whitouth suport and the only problem is in the cheekbones

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thanks :)

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salut, imprimé avec une mars 3 , corp Nikel mais défaut au niveau des yeux, visiblement le défaut proviendrait du fichier exposition 3, si je trouve comment faire je peux ajouter les photo impression et fichier si cela permet de le réparer ( j'en sui incapable encore) malgré ça, bravo ma fille est ravie ! merci :))

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thnaks glad to know your kid love it, wich model is?

c'est la figurine de ladybug,

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super cool, glad to hear about you can print and your daughter loveit, i prin a couple of lady bugs one for a test and another for a candle mold for a cake toping but didin´t have trouble with the file hope you can print better :)

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As soon as u cut it are u going to put it as another file on this one or send to my email

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i upload a zip file in the grumpy files, the is a model divided by the half of the grumpy model hope works better

Hey if u cod cut it that would be awesome i think it would turn oht better and wouldnt take as long as well to print

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Hey question did u do everywhere for support or just build plate and also what percent of support i did 45 degree and it was a pain to get out i couldnt get it all thanks

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i let in one pice but i think the grumpy body it would be better cut in a half and print in two parts, so you can get ovet all the support and finaly glue dem but i didnt cut because not everybody is happy whit this desicions, so let them complet for your choice, but if you prefer i colud cut them for you, thanks for the message

Thank you for your work! Bravo!

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thanks for the mesage, makes it worth it :)

How can I send you an image?
and your account instagram?

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yes you can send the images

me regalas el stl de esos pendientes porfa ??????????

hola Wilkimo, estan verdaderamente accesibles en costo, el cual no refleja todo el trabajo que se llevo en realizarse, mil disculpas pero no puedo regalar mi trabajo, aun asi hay muchos modelos gratuitos en nuestra tienda que puedes descargar, saludos

Good morning, my name is Christa - i am from South Africa. I got a online shop selling cookie cutters and looking at starting with the sandwich cutters. I would love to use your alligator design. Do you do custom designs - if i send you about 10 of what i would like will you do the stl files for me? I will also mention you on my shop where i sell my cutters.

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hi crista, it would be awsome you use my alligator design :) or mention in your shop my instagram is @hesamael and yea i coul make new cokie cutters, in general is hard modify one all ready done is more easy modeling again, but everithing is posible regrets :)

Hola cómo estás? Muy buen diseño y bastante útil para los que vamos empezando en esto de la impresión 3d. Muchas gracias por tú trabajo y muy accesible precio. Te sigo en Twitter.

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muchas gracias, lamento no tener mas tiempo libre para poder subir mas disenos pero tratare de acompletar series de los que he subido y subir muchos mas este anio que viene, saludos espero todo vaya increible

I bought the Angel De La Indepencia model from you. Is there any chance you have a full model instead of split?

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hi the gold spartan, i ben serching for the original model but coldnt find, 1 yer ago i lost a hard drive and lost all that data sorry but seams that the original file and model of the angel gone lost, i was waiting for a mail from a friend that have that file for test print if he have it you could count it otherwise i will ben lost, sorry pal

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Hello! I bought your file - mermaid. I struggle to unzip that folder. When i try to unzip, it is nothing happen after. I can unzip other folders as well. I use macbook air laptop.

¿Sería posible adquirir el modelo 3D de Plim Plim en algún formato editable para hacerle algunos cambios? Gracias.

hola, buen dia, cuando diseñe e imprimi el payasito plim plim lo hice en una makerbot la verdad fue con la configuración de soportes por de fault del slicer de makerbot, pero supongo que hoy en dia que se puede hacer de forma diferente cambiaria, yo uso simplify y ahí cuando tengo problema con los soportes le pongo que imprima hasta un 45% en angulos y con un 25% de densidad en los soportes, creo que te funcionaria igual hacerlos en meshmixer

Hola. He comprado recientemente vuestro modelo STL del payasito PLIM PLIM. Lo he impreso sin generar soportes y la cabeza ha salido mal por completo, generando muchos hilos sueltos. ¿Podrían decirme que configuración mínima de soportes se necesita para imprimir este modelo? Estoy usando el programa de impresión 3D Cura. Gracias.

Hi mfcmendes1
dont worry if the buy whas registred in cults you can downloud any time you wish but if dont let you download, you can allso send a mail asking for advice to cult3d, in the coments secction thers a link Report a problem and sure they can help you with the problem, if the problem dosnt solve dot worry i can sendyou the model only send me a pic for the buy thanks


Hi smartinezreyes89 sorry for the delay i was in vacation, for tthe moment dont have that one but i will try to make and upload in this month, not promess anything but i will try

Do you havew by any chance the 3d model corresponding to Rocky from paw patrol?