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Could I see these on Etsy if I give you a fee?

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Hello Jared, yes that is an option, please send me an email: The3DSmith at and we can go through the details. Thank you. Andre

bonjour et vous le créateur du cube Minecraft

Hello 👋

No! 🤬 I’ll ask Cults to take care of it. Mercy 🙏

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you're welcome please that's why I wanted to report.. I could have made a report request but as you are the owner of the file I prefer to tell you


on the other hand excuse me I fell on his first it means that I bought his and it is when I put the file to be cut that I saw your logo inside it is how i found you


Hey Mate, nice Job with your Minecraft Box, i have an little company, with only with me, i thougt i can sell your Box? So what U nedd before i can sell your Box?

LG Chris from Germany

Hey 👋 thanks, glad you liked it. Please send me an email to The3DSmith @ so we can talk about you selling the cube.
André Ferreira

Just filled the copyright infringement claim to Cults. Thanks so much for taking the time and letting me know about it. I hope you enjoy the design and feel free to drop me an email or a message on social media if you need any help. Again Thank you 🙏

Merci pour le suivi