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Hi there, just one question, which recources did you used to create the model? Any original plans or sketches?

Which model? It's best to ask in the comment field under the model in question.

el 39 is only available to print in 300x300x300 mm printers?


Hi, do you know what settings need to be changed in CURA to be able to print the extra perimeters you suggest at the last5-6mm of the prints? I'm struggling to find info on how to do this. thanks.

Hi. No I don' tuse Cura. In Simplify you create separate processes for the different relevant heigts.

Hi, By anchance do you know if the Tamiya TT-01 CVD Shafts can fit the 3d printed M-chassis?

I don't know.

Renault 670 manifold Robot cantina? Hi, this is Jimbo from Robot Cantina. I spotted your Renault 670 manifold while doing a search on google. is this something you want me to test on youtube?

Hi. Yeah I figured it might improve things a bit over the short one without fillets. I posted under the video as well. If you want to you can try it. :)

Thank you for designing this! I'm unable to read all the comments and I must have missed yours. Thankfully I found this through other methods. Most youtube creators can be directly contacted via a hidden email. Google "how to contact a channel owner" and it will guide you on how to find the email address. Anyway, once we get the Keihin 32 CVK carburetor sorted out, this nicely blended manifold will slip in under the Billet manifold we are using. Should be an interesting experiment. Figure about two weeks and it will be featured on the channel.

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My Youtube channel name is Grumpy RC Modeler.

I love your game man design. Is there any way to purchase just the case?

If you're asking about specific models here then you are asking in the wrong place. Ask on the page for the model.

I can't find the update image, need help.L-39 ALBATROS

Thank you

I can't find the update image, need help.

Redownload through the download-page

Ola, gostaria de saber qual o PLA que você usa?

Nothing special. Mostly "Clas Ohlson" PLA. Most PLA I have tried works fine.

Good morning, asking again, how many kg of PLA did you spend?

ah, when it is of your interest to make some jet of 120mm with two turbine type F-18, F-15 or A-10 I have interest kkkkkkk

I purchased the Dummy Radial file. I get errors when slicing the Crankcase01.stl file using the Creality Slicer and CURA slicer. Please help.

Try redownloading now. I repaired it.


I Have a few problems with some printed parts of the URSA momster Truck, Is it possible to cantact you via E-mail so I can send you some photo's describing what problems I have? It's easier for me to tell by photos a show you exactly what isssues I have.


hello which controller circuit board did you use. in the hercules C-130 FOR THE MOTORS MVG HARRY

hello i have a question .i see you use a printed circuit board for the motors which one is that ?mvg harry

What model? This is a general message page. Ask in the comment section under the thing you're interested in to get help for it.

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I have a question about how to connect the 4 controllers and the receiver.

what model? This is a general message page. Ask in the comment section under the thing you're interested in to get help for it.

it is the hercules with 4 motors

Hi! I was wondering what software that you use to design your work? Your R2800 is incredible. Also, what remote would you recommend for a twin engine rc plane, with normal rudder, alerion, and elavator control? I am new to this hobby, having never done this before, and am looking to possibly make one as a school project.

I use 3DS Max. It's very expensive and I don't recommend it. I only use it because it's what I know from my past.

I use Futaba. I recommend getting the same brand that most people at your flying field use so that they will know how it works if you need their help. Any modern computer radio with 6 channels will work perfectly fine for a twin. A twin doesn't need any more channels than a single motor plane. I would buy FRSky personally I wanted a completely new system today.

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Thank you!


I have a question for you, I just recently 3D printed your fully printable collective pitch radio control helicopter and was wondering if the electronics from a helicopter called the blade 230s smart would work with your helicopter? I was thinking that the servos, esc, flight controller, battery, and motors from the 230s would work with it. Please let me know what you think.

I don't know. The battery, controller and receiver might work but I don't know if the servos are the same size.

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Hello, I’m interested on el-39, is it possible to adapt a 5kg turbine? It have space to the fuel tank and the pipe? Thanks

There's room to make a tank out of the cavity behind the cockpit area to create a tank. It's right above the CG. A standard bottle tank would have to sit under the canopy if that's ok. There's a lot of room in the fan bay for a small turbine. I think you'd need a lot of nose weight to balance it unless the tail was printed with a very light material with a turbine and exhaust tube back there.

5 kgf thrust would give great performance.

Hi printing off the C130 what is the tail section file called in supplied files cheers kev

Fuselage 01-06 is everything from the nose to the tail of the fuselage.

thank you

Hi. Yes I think it can be made to fit that. The wheelbase and width is the same.

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Merci pour ta réponse. Et encore bravo pour toute tes réalisations 😉

Please tell me the precise ID of the 120mm EDF Housing and the diameter of the rotor. kind regards, Andrew Gordon.

The exact inner diameter of the housing is 120,2 mm, which should end up close to 120 mm after printing.
the fan diameter is 119,4 mm.

Please don't ask questions about models here. Ask in the comment section under the model.

I can’t find a field in the comments section to write my question.

All design pages have an "Add a comment" section.

I cannot find the diff output portions in the stl files for the badger and m car

Diff01.stl. Tthe outer ring is removed after printing.

hi i need your help
theres the canopy parts and im about to print them with a clear pla it should be no infill i know
but when i looks at the part it seems as a close part it has walls all around it ( like a close box ) is it ok?
second thers the one piece canopy and L-59 canopy what is the difference ?
which one should i print?

best regards

Please ask questions on the plane page.

The canopy needs to be closed all the way to print. Otherwise there's no way to print it single wall. One piece is for giant printers. L-59 is a different look. Did you open them in the slicer and look at them. The differences are obvious.

thank you

the maingear02 has 3parts 2-10,2-11,2-12 and they all looks the same
which one should i print?
best regards

10 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm retract posts. This info is in the buildnotes.txt file.


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