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Your Arcade game Cabinets model makes me happy. :)

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Congratulations on your files, today I bought several and in the Light Armored Vehicle file I don't see the hubcaps, could you pass the file to me?

Thanks and greetings from Spain.

(forgive my google translator english)

Hello from New Zealand. For the hubcaps look at \1_chassis\singleParts\wheelCover.stl in the .zip file.

Thanks for your purchase!

It's true, I didn't see it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

on the 28mm tank will a anycubic photon mono printer be able to print it?

Hi, yes you can resin print this tank. Included in the ZIP file are several complete hulls designed for resin printing the bulk of the vehicle as a single part. Full disclosure I don't pre-support parts because your resin printer is probably not the same as mine, and I also generally only resin test print the small parts myself. However I do have several customers that are entirely resin printing these vehicles.

Hi the vehicle is designed as a wargaming/terrain piece so the wheels are fixed in place, they friction fit on the axles sorry! Possibly some work with cutting the axles down and replacing them with magnets would make them moveable but not spinnable. Folks have printed the LAV vehicle in resin, and I can provide combined files on request, but they aren't pre-supported sorry.

Is there a way for the light assault vehicles wheels to be spinnable? Also, would these prints be suitable for DLP resin printers? Are they pre supported?

Many thanks