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Hey Steve, I saw after I printed one how the jig head rests inside. Problem is I do not use or have jigs that have a shaft that long. Printed the other one so I will just pour instead.

No thanks for the one with the insert, appreciate the offer!


Hey Steve, Hope all is well! I just bought and downloaded your crawfish mold. Is there suppose to be an insert for the jighead? I do not see a .stl file for it.



I don't think I uploaded the version with the little ball insert as it really didn't work out that well but if you really want it I can try to find the files.

Hey Steve,

I have brushed on both UV and BSI epoxy and got great results! You are right LOL I do not think the fish care! I am hoping the molds will last longer.


Hey Steve, just curious, have you ever coated the molds with epoxy or UV resin? I would think that it would provide an extra layer of heat resistance as well as a sheen?



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It would... I haven't used epoxy/UV but I have tried high temp engine spray paint and it worked well and does add a shine to the finished baits. It can take away from any detail though but on the other hand it would cover layer lines so it depends on what your going for. Overall though I really don't do this because I don't think the fish care either way and I'm more about catching fish than fisherman.

Thanks Steve, awesome as usual! I will purchase some molds shortly and post the pics!


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Hi Steve, I have been following you for quite awhile and downloaded some of your files from Thingiverse. Thank you for all you do! I just started printing and hand pouring soft plastics with ok results so far but am interested in trying injection. What type of injector are you using and what temp is the plastic?

Ever melt a mold?



Hi Pat,

The injectors I use are homemade but you can buy injectors at places like I have melted molds in the past while I was still figuring all this stuff out but I haven't melted one in a long time since I figured out what actual works best. I make sure to inject the plastisol at around 300°F (with PLA molds) I made a video showing my whole process which can be seen here


Hola! Te comenté un modelo, no entiendo mucho de la plataforma. Me interesa saber si lo podés modificar para venderme el modelo.

I downloaded your 2-5 crankbait design set to have a well fleshed out comparable. Thanks for all your unintended help. I enjoy watching your complete works from YT, IG and here. Well done!

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Awesome let me know how it works out for you.

Hello, Mr. Thone. I recently purchased one of your projects, and I am very satisfied with the results. I just finished printing the "HALF OUNCE SWIMBAIT JIGHEAD MOLD BOX".
I noticed that in your project you specified that the jighead is about a half ounce. I would like to print a quarter ounce(14g) mould too, but I want to make some small changes. I would like to print fewer jigheads in one mould, position them a bit differently for convenience, and for different types of hooks.
It's very hard to work with an .stl file though, so in that case I was wondering if you can email me a .step file, or something similar.
Thanks in advance,
Pasca Ciprian

Are you using Fusion 360?

Merci pour votre réponse. je peut l'importer dans fusion mais impossible de modifier le fichier. Je peut faire mes croquis mais je peut pas vider les zones de mon croquis. comme si le fichier était verrouillé.
Thank you for your answer. I can import it in merge but cannot modify the file. I can do my sketches but I can't empty the areas of my sketch. as if the file was locked.

In Fusion360 if you click on "FILE" then "Upload" you will be able to select the Stencil Blank.STEP file from your computer to import into fusion where you can then use your own sketches to cut out what ever patterns you would like to make your own stencil designs.

Dans Fusion360, si vous cliquez sur "FILE" puis "Upload", vous pourrez sélectionner le fichier Stencil Blank.STEP de votre ordinateur à importer dans la fusion où vous pourrez ensuite utiliser vos propres croquis pour découper les motifs que vous souhaitez. faites vos propres dessins de pochoirs.

bonjour merci pour le travail effectué. je viens d'acheter vos fichiers et je voulais faire une nouveau pochoir avec le fichier que vous avez mis a disposition (Square Bill Stencil Blank.STEP) mais impossible de le modifier avec fusion 360, ni auto cad. pouvez vous mettre a disposition sous le format .f3z
I just bought your files and I wanted to make a new stencil with the file you provided (Square Bill Stencil Blank.STEP) but it is impossible to modify it with 360 merge nor with auto cad can you make it available in .f3z format.

oh ok thanks, i´m going to download fusion and i´m going to try to make something because i have no idea how to use that jejeje.

Thanks :)

I don't sell the actual design files I only sell the stl's for the finished molds. I can tell you the head part of that lure was done in Fusion 360's sculpt environment (which unfortunately I did not show the making of in that video because it was from a previous bait.) The Sculpt environment in Fusion is more like molding clay by pushing and pulling points and lines so it's not something you would be able to do in Solidworks (at least not using the normal CAD work flow). They do have add on's for SW where you can do that but they are expensive so you would be better of downloading Fusion and trying it in there. I do plan on making a video of that workflow in fusion but it might be some time before I get around to it.

Hi, I would like to buy you the design of the jig head i saw on youtube, here´s the head what i´m talking about 13:18 I make my lure designs but i can´t make lure head designs, don´t know how with SW :( I would like that design so i can see how you did it and try to make my jig heads.


It looks like it should work but it's not something I would fish with or even know how to fish it but thanks for sharing.

Your English is a lot better than my French (which is none) :)



I follow your work on instagram for monthes and discovered this morning your blog and I really like what you do.

I have created a cheburaska mold :

But due to the covid situation in France, I can not access to the 3D printers i can use at my office.

If you are interested and want to try it I can send you the file. If you are not interested it would have been a pleasure to write you this message to thank you for all the work you share.



P.S : Sorry for my bad english

I design in INCH so it probably needs to be scaled by 25.4 to convert it to MM.

Hi Steve,
Steve's project is very nice. I want to have it printed online but the shop I have commissioned notifies me by email :

The scale of the part is not correct. Could you please confirm the dimensions of the model?
7.8 x 3.32 x 0.75 mm

could you help me Steve, what are the right measures? I remain waiting for your kindly replay. Thank you

Je ne sais pas de quoi vous parlez.

Bonjour, quelles sont les mesures svp ? Pour quel diametre de cable ? En quel filament ? Merci

bonjour super travail j ai du mal a trouvé les 8 pour la France mais bon …… merci pour vautre travail coll

I just uploaded a joiner section for you. I'm not sure if it will work or how strong it will be if it does but if you try it let me know how/if it works for you.