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any chance you could upload some photos of the lower 2 piece mounts and how they bolt up? thanks

I think this should help, let me know if you have any more trouble. Thank you.

Yes, let me check through some files tomorrow, I think I have a screw together version somewhat ready to go. I'll get back to you

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Sounds great, thanks!

The screw together option is now available. Thank you.

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Awesome! Thanks

I am having issues getting the second blade to print properly, where the stew hole is it keeps trying to fill in the top side of the screw hole.

Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Did you have any luck getting this sorted out? This is the first time I've heard of anyone having issues with them. Let me know, I will keep an eye out for your reply

No I’m new to this but I tried increasing the fill and that still didn’t help, I purchased you bumper files and they came out great. Nothing iv tried has fixed it

OK, I'll need to know many details.what your using for a Printer and slicer, and then the slicer settings.

Are you on the trx4m facebook group? my name is Michael James, it may be faster to send a couple pics of your settings through messenger and a pic of the part as well

I bought and printed your shock relocation and flex blades and don't get anywhere near the flex the pictures you have posted are getting just curious on what else you have done to the one in the pictures to achieve that flex

The defender in the pics is only the mounts and flex blades. The bronco in the pics has the mounts, flex blades and some cheap 53mm shocks from Amazon.

They are the stock defender tires. I agree the bronco tires don't look as good.

What tires do you have on the deep dish rime, the ones I have look stupid.

What tires do you have on the deep dish rime, the ones I have look stupid.

Your bumpers are being sold on etsy and ebay. Im not sure if you gave them permission to do so but they were also selling my shock keys without my permission.

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Looks like the TRX4M cage frame is being sold as well in Etsy.

Hello, apologies if this is listed on the file's page but how big does the bed need to be for your TRX4M chassis files? I have a smaller printer and wanted to be sure it will fit before I buy the file. Thank you.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, dimensions are important to know. Ive added a couple of pictures to the page for reference. 180mm for the chassis sides and 194mm if you are printing with the bumper on. Another customer mentioned that he split the chassis in half to get to fit on his printer.

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Thank you for the reply

Hey I was wondering if I could sell that chassis upgrade on my Etsy page?

I was planning to upgrade my printer and sell them on etsy myself, but for now I am not ready.

Perhaps we can make an agreement as to where I collect the normal sale amount of my file per unit you sell? That way it's no different than me selling the file and somone printing it and you can make money from selling them.

So your saying every sale I make I pay you how much the stl costs?

Correct, $2. I think that's a very fair thing to offer. Everyone who pointed it out to me said I should have everything removed all together. However I'm not mad, I respect your efforts and that to me would be a legitimate arrangement.

If that’s the case I probably wouldn’t make any profit. Etsy takes most of my profit anyway with listing fees and 10 other fees I get charged. I could probably only sell it for $10. I sell canning jar openers for $10 and I only get about $3 after alll the crazy fees.

I understand what your saying I’m new to Etsy too so I’m still trying to grow and start to sell.

This is the reason I haven't been in a hurry to produce and sell physical products. With shipping and fees, I do understand where you are coming from. Cults taxes each file I sell as well. However it is foolish for me to let somone sell my design I spent my time making without either forming some type of agreement or maybe a fee to act as a license to sell.

I totally agree with you!! I’m not sure what you’d be willing to negotiate on and what types of agreements either. I’m willing to also have your name on the listing as who designed and created it. What other things are you willing to negotiate on? Would you be willing to have me pay you on a onetime fixed price?

Im not sure what you’re willing to do. I do have a guy that can design my own chassis for less than $20 and I will be able to sell it.

Honestly, that's probably your best bet.

It’s also not like you’re not getting paid you have gotten paid for your design and work by me paying for the stl file. It’s also not right for you getting all the profit if I started to sell them because I still have to put in a lot of work to make it and ship it plus whatever issues come along…

Im still willing to negotiate but it has to be somewhat fare.

Buy me selling too may help you sell on cults too because me personally I look up what people are selling and then print it.

What are you willing to negotiate?

What do you think is a fair price

I think like a one time payment is fair. It’s not vary fair if I have to pay you a dollar or whatever every order. that’s such a huge amount taken when I could have a issue with the printer or whatever and that’s my own money I’m paying you out of my own pocket. I also think what’s fair is that I just give you credit on my listing that you made it and no other fees or anything. And im using my own resources and my own time to sell it if you really want money for you making it you should just charge more for the stl file. And buy me selling it you can potentially get more people interested on your files.

Why I sell this stuff to people is to share it and let people experience and enjoy these cool custom stuff that they can use and enjoy without getting a printer and trying to learn and fix 100 things.

Yes, that's what I'm trying to accomplish. What do you think is a fair one time fee to sell the chassis

That’s up to you throw a price what you think is fair all around and we can go from there. I really like all your designs that I think people would like. We also can do something where I pay or whatever you think is right and I can sell all of your designs and whatever else you release in the future.

I just can't have you selling everything I make in the future in the event that I want to print and sell something I make. I'm going to go with $40 per design for resale... 40 bucks for the chassis and 40 bucks for the flex blades. You'll make that back in just a few sales and be making a ton of profit.

For me to make that back and start making sales I need at least 14 sales I haven’t even sold 5 thing it’s not as easy as you think lol….

I realize that, Its even harder to make money when someone just takes something you design and starts selling it without permission. I think it will be best if you just stop selling my stuff all together. sorry we couldn't make a deal. Good luck on your ventures.

Do you sell printed parts or only files? I would love the trx4m cage, but my printer is too small and I'd rather pay you than a third party printer lol.

Unfortunately at this time I only have the files available

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I ended up buying the file anyway, and it was forsure too big. I split the whole file front to back and added some holes in the tube to glue in some pins to join the halfs together. I'm currently printing the halfs vertically and it seems to be working well. I will post a make if it turns out well!

Glad to hear that you were able to make it work! If you run into any trouble, let me know. I can always modify something if need be. I am eager to see your results!

So it printed mostly fine, the file itself is pretty much spot on. The pipes could be a little thicker, but any problems I had are due to my own print quality issues and having to split it and glue it together. I'm printing with PLA+ so I'm fairly confident in the strength of the thing at least. I may thicken it in a few places myself, but I don't think it should warrant an update.

Hey, I've downloaded you flex blades and are mostly happy with them. The only issue is that they like to fall forward. I've already addressed the issue for myself by adding a little "horn" on the bottom side, but I'm a part of a trx4m group on reddit and there are several people that would like the model. I was wondering if you'd be interested or able to update your model so I can send them a link to your page.

Thank you for letting me know, I can absolutely adjust them. You say you extended the axle side? Or the shock side?

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Sorry, didn't see your reply, but I saw your update.

No worries, thanks again for letting me know!

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could you by chance update the shock mounts file with the new flex blade update?


perfect! thanks

These are made for the rear. They fit in front but don't travel as much as the rear.

Oh ok thanks! Do you have a file specifically for the front?

Hi there.
i am just about to buy your file for the trx4m flex blades. and i am just wondering before i buy it if you can use them for the front axle and the rear axle? or just the rear axle?

Sorry for the delayed response. They are intended for the rear but will fit in front

Mate I’m being a clown. Apologies. This is what happens when non computer literate club handed twerp gets into the hobby. Hahaha.
Looking forward to fitting them

No worries, glad to help.

Hi there.
I purchased a file for the Trx4m shock mounts and flex blades a couple of days ago. I have given the file to a company to print and post as I don’t own a printer. They have sent back two single flex blades.
Something is wrong with both files that were downloaded. Can you explain what has happened?


It is a 2 piece design. There is part a and part b, those together make up 1 flex blade. So each corner needs 1 part A and 1 part B to make 1 flex blade. Hopefully that clarifies things for you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Ah ok. Thanks for clearing that up. One of the files I downloaded were for the shock mounts. But I got a flex blade out of it?
How do I get the shock mounts?

Flex blades are included with the purchase of the shock mounts. All the files you need for the shock mounts are included as well and listed in the file description.


I recently purchased the design and noticed that the screw holes on the front bumper need to be moved forward 1mm. I noticed after making the change myself, that the bumper allowed the body to fit a little bit more snugly and it didn't allow it to wobble or shake as much.

Thank you for your feedback, I have adjusted the hole. Sorry for the inconvenience.

i just got your bumper delete stl. I might be wrong but i think you uploaded 2 of the same files (the rear bumper twice)

It definitely looks like the rear is uploaded twice. My apologies, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will upload the right files when I get a chance and you will get an email when it is fixed. Once you have gotten the correct files, I can send you a refund for your trouble.

These work like sorry to say crap :( Downloaded the other ones from you hope they fit :P

Hello, I'm sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately it does not show me which model you are speaking of. I would love to hear your feedback as to what model you don't like and details as to why.

I will be happy to offer you a refund if you would like!

First I ordered TRX4M shock mounts - these will raise the car and will not allow full shock travel what causes bad shock work.
Refund will be ok because I bought the other set and will not use the old ones anymore .....

Hey I was wondering what driveshafts you have or if you had a problem with the angle of the front driveshaft after the lift, and what you might’ve done to resolve this issue I have.

The angle was too steep on my front driveshaft causing it to tear itself apart. I ordered some metal driveshafts but the front driveshaft is too short for the lift, so I had to reinstall the stock shock mounts for now. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue. I have this kit on both my trucks and never experienced any problems with the stock shafts. The kit shouldn't lift the truck much at all, I'm wondering if there may be something else going on to cause you trouble. Was the drive shaft separating from its other half? Or was the problem in the ujoint? If you'd like you could send me some pictures of the truck, so I can get a better idea. If you are unsatisfied or do not wish to try and correct the issue I can refund you no questions asked, just let me know. Sorry again for the trouble.

Originally I had issue with the ujoints on the stock shaft until one failed , now my aftermarket metal shaft is shorter than stock causing it to separate from the other half with the lift installed. I think I messaged you on a FB group were both in to try to get you some pictures. Also no need for an apology or refund for me sir, just the name of the game trying to mod this stuff out lol. I’m Currently running your bumpers and deep wheels aswell BTW and I’m loving them

Printed twice on 2 different printers and the mounting holes are way too small. I stripped out 2 hexes trying to get them tight enough. Other than that, all 4 fit perfect.

I'm sorry to hear you had some trouble. In the drawings those holes are 1.9mm which is the OD of the stock mounting bolts.

I strive to make 1 file that fits for everyone, however I may opt for having an additional model with oversized holes available for situations like this.

Thank you, your feedback is very important to me!

Hi just bought the file today and printed it all good, just had an email to say V2 , what's in the updated file and the difference. Thanks Jerry

Hello, good to hear you had no trouble! It seems that 1 person had some loose fitting esc bolts, this is most likely due a printing issue however I want to make sure the kit is as universal as possible so I made the holes slightly smaller in diameter. Should work well for everyone, no need to reprint. Thank you!

Hi just bought the file today and printed it all good, just had an email to say V2 , what's in the updated file and the difference. Thanks Jerry

hey, just figured it was worth an ask. is the front shocks supposed to compress a bit when you put them in? it seems like the front could definitely flex more but otherwise its a great design!

In order to get the front suspension to extend further I had to put some slack in the servo wire and shave the corners off the servo to clear the links.