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Hello m8, I saw your printed "Juggernaut of Pestilence". Is there any chance you still have stl? I would like print is as well, if needed I can pay for file :) Its not up on internet anywhere for me to buy :( Thanks in advance!

Is there anyway I could get your Juggernaught of Pestilence stl? It's honestly one of the most beautiful ive ever seen and I've been dying to add it to my army for weeks but no one seems to have the file.

Thank you, you are the first one to actually buy my Slimux proxy ;)

Really? Well in that case I will try to post a Make as soon as possible… I just loved the model as soon as I saw it and today finally pulled the trigger. What a ridiculous (in a good way) model. Hope my print will do it justice.
I also recently finished printing your lovely and incredibly detailed "demon of decay". What a beast. Will post an unpainted Make maybe today or tomorrow.