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I saw that you love 3d printing, so I prepared an STL file for you totally free. And it's our home decor Dragon Wrapped Vase. Can you give it a try and tell us what you think?

100% Free STL Here

Happy printing,

Hey Scott, I saw you helped someone with the crystal dragon print to reduce stringing on an Ender 3, I have the same issue, could you help myself aswell at all?

Good morning. :) Do you have direct drive extrusion or bowden style ?

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Hey dude, Morning to you (evening for me! :) ) I have bowden (capricorn if it matters)

have you tried making sure your exactly extruding the proper amount of filament..if not you may need to set the esteps ratio value on your printer. you can run a test and ill provide you the link down below, its a great video that explains how to do that on a ender 3,anyways once you have that figured out make sure your cura settings for retraction distance are set to 6.5 also the minimum extrusion distance window is set to 10mm. I hope this helps.

Aye, I took the bowden off, extruded 10mm, measure it and it is accuratey 10mm

Cool print !!

Where did you find the black
crystal base model?

I make others dragons and I didn't find good bases.


thats the link. :)
& thank you very miuch i appreciate it!

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Thank you for your purchase and I hope you liked it.

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