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Hope you are well, I have purchased the .22 fx mag, I would please like to know how do I assemble the area with the spring, are there any other items/steps needed?

Your help would be much appreciated
kind regards

have you made the spring for the inside of the wheel? the spring should be identical to the FX spring using the music wire and a drill bit for the should have bends in the same places as original spring as well. carefully insert the spring into the center wheel first then into the hole on top right side of the post in the housing.

Ola amigo, comprei o seu projeto de magazine da FX impact ,porém a roleta fica passando da carcaça , fica mais alta aí não tem como fechar a tampa

can you send me pics of what you have so i can better see.

How is the cover held in place with your FX .25 cal magazine design?

held on with 9 total 3mm x 1 mm magnets and two tabs like the factory mags