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hello, I am very interested in your work. Currently I am looking to fill out my market place and I am seeking designers like myself that would be willing to agree to allowing me to sell physical copies of your designs for a 25% commission on the net profit. If you are interested, please get back to me at

J'ai aimé certaines pièces

merci pour le suivi

There are parts of the cutter that do not come out directly, the walls of the details of it are very thin

hay partes del cortador que no salen directamente esta muy fina las paredes de los detalles del mismo

euge_bauer that cookie cutter needs to be printed with a nozzle size 0.2 not a nozzle 0.4.

hola te compre un cortante para galleta de jefe en pañales pero no sirve

WOW...I love the work you do. I was looking at one of your projects and a friend suggested I print one of the prints of flowers out...THEN put it on the glass of a frame from the dollar store and mix elmers glue and paints together. Fill in the spots and it makes it look like stained glass. I plan on doing this for a couple of your great projects and print out the Dream Cather in nice gold to hand on my wall. THANK YOU for all the work you did offering these projects at a GREAT price.