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I saw your beautiful creations of products and I was wondering if I could sell them online because I am a freshman in high school and really need the money for a car and other such expenses for my high school. It would be wonderful if I could sell your creations for free or buy a license from you.

Parin Ruperee

good morning,
your miniature cities are beautiful.
I wanted to ask you how do you make them? What program? What procedure do you use to extrapolate the city?

Hola, en caso de que me salga hay chance que pueda vender la impresion ? esta muy cool

Hi Robert Briac,

I love your designs, they are beautiful. I will shoot a timelapse with one of them soon. but I really want to print my home city Yerevan-Armenia.

Is there a way to create the stl of it?


j'aimerai faire une impression de la dans laquelle je réside (Lamballe 22)

Je cherche depuis des jours des infos, cartes pour le réaliser. Pourriez-vous me dire où vous avez trouvé les infos topo de Paris ?

J'ai quelques pistes, mais je ne récupère que la topo du terrain, jamais des immeubles.

A vous lire.



je trouve vos modèles topographiques très jolis.

Je suis artiste plasticien et j'aimerai apprendre à réaliser ce genre de modèle 3D. Avez-vous un tutoriel à me conseiller ?

Pouvez-vous me dire sur quel site vous récupérez vos topographies ?
Et quel logiciel vous avez utilisez pour mettre en .stl ?




Hello Robert! I second the previous comment your designs are awesome! I am also curious on your process to get these models for 3D printing. Are you processing Lidar data, using a DEM, geotiff, etc? I would love to know your process so I can print my own city. Thank you again!

Hello, your city designs are amazing. Just wondering what your approach is, do you start from scratch or are you able to download a topographical map from somewhere? How you get dimensions for the main buildings? Thank you!