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Mini Laser Engraver: I have paid for this design in a rush really without going into more detail. I find it is lacking in build instructions, list of required nuts and bolts etc and the images provided whilst some are useful for identification some flat plates only show an edge view which is useless. I would like a refund as building from the information provided I find as more than an acceptable chalenge. I have built several 3d printers so am not without skills. Also, a guide to software, firmware would have been useful.

I just downloaded your 3D printer design but I didn't find anywhere where you specified the 80-20 material or the piece lengths. Is it 20mm x 40mm or 25mm x 50mm?


Hi Markus, yes i have i uploaded to the bookshelf design, so if you bought it you can download it from there if you want no extra cost.
Thank you for buying my design, it helps to continue the hobby.

Best regards


Hi! I have purchased you pipe fittings and was wondering if you had or planned on doing a 3/4 inch cap piece for them? I am trying to make a coat hook, similar to your bookshelf and that would be the only missing piece.