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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. Have a good discussion!

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Hello, I just added a version of the support without drilling, Regards

Hello, there is no problem, I can make you a file without fixing holes, best regards, rfbat

Bonjour, avez vous la possibilité adaptés le papier toilette. pour faire un rouleau de Sopalin ? Avez vous un mail ou Facebook pour vous suivre ?

Hi could you email me a plaque for 4 numbers?

Hola podría incluir unas instrucciones de montaje mínimas

Hi, you can reach me at the following May address:

Hi, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hi. With reference to your "paper unwinder ( 2 models )" design, I adapted a version for kitchen rolls and posted a video clip about it on the "3D Printing Useful Things!" group on Facebook, together with a link to your original design. A member asked me for the adapted design. Is there a way I can give him a free copy of the adapted design? Can I do that if he buys your original design first?

Hi, you bought from me one or more sets of cookie cutters, I have an offer for you. More than 950 pieces (160 collections) on various topics. Cartoons, films, etc. At a very competitive price. Contact me if you are interested

Merci de vos commentaires, n'hésitez pas de noter le modèle et (ou ) de poster la photo de votre make sur cults

Bonjour, j'ai imprimé et ça fonctionne très bien

Re-bonjour, la version en 2 parties vient d'être mise à jour, cordialement RFBAT

bonjour, le porte rouleau essuie-tout possède déjà un des fichiers en deux parties, imprimable sur un lit de 20x20 en 2pièces,celui présenté sur la vidéo, regardez les fichiers STL, si vous préférez la version 2, élastiques en dessous, j'essaierai de mettre demain cette version en 2 parties. Vous pouvez m'envoyer un mail pour plus de renseignement : ou m'indiquer la votre dans les messages de CULTS. Cordialement RFBAT

Bonjour il me faudrait le essuie-tout en deux parti svp mon imprimante 3D fait 25 CM par 25 .
comment on peut faire ?

And if I buy the file, can I sell the printed model?

merci de votre commentaire, cordialement ,rfbat

support papier WC super création merci

Buen Dia, compre uno de sus modelos el del portarollos, pero no se puede descargar.

I liked the idea of the Toilet paper holder but I didn't like the idea of using a rubber band. I have redesigned your idea which doesn't use the rubber band but still functions in the same way. Is there some way I can show you this privately?

Hello, I just got done printing the toilet paper roll holder and I can't seem to find a rubber band strong enough to push the tabs back down. What kind do you recommend? I've worked the hinges back and forth to debur them and they seem to work sort of loosely but do get stuck toward the top some any suggestions on how to get anything out that may be stuck in the hinges?

J'ai acheté et téléchargé les fichiers deudeuche et la carrosserie n'y est pas. Comment cela se fait-il?