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Hi is it possible to get your EC terminators ?

Wondered what happened to your EC stuff! I purchased the kakaphoni and the phoenix guard but was looking to purchase the dreadnought as well but they're all gone now? :(

Yeah, they got taken down on Cults a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure what you're referring to with a dreadnought, I haven't had a dreadnought up at any point.

I swear you had a contemptor dreadnought for ec?

Afraid not, I've considered making one, but it must have been someone else's. The only thing I've done is make the fist part that's still up for my plastic dread.

so strange... well whoever made it has also coincidently deleted (or had it deleted) from the site because it disappeared along with your EC models from my likes

Hi, looks like the Iron Hammer Mechs got taken down. Did something happen, or is this on my end?

No, a couple of my things got struck. They'll be down for a bit on cults at least, if not permanently.

If you did already purchase and can't access them, I don't know how cults works in this situation, but you can shoot me an email with proof of purchase and I can provide a temporary solution.

If you hadn't purchased them and are just asking because you wanted to, then you're unfortunately out of luck in the meantime.

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Rip, should have grabbed them earlier I guess.

Hi Redninja, first off, I love the designs, the EC guys are just beautiful, no less than they should be being chosen sons and all. The attention to detail is astounding and I'm currently in the process of slicing a build plate of the Noisy Guys themselves.

I also love the big robots, I've long been a fan of the Boys of Iron and Hazard Stripes, since i obtained an original copy of a certain book about Storms and Iron many years ago when it first released.

You have created some wonderful pieces and I have to salute your creative abilities sir.

Secondly, I have a potential proposal for you, if you might be interested in it. I wont go into details here, as I don't want to reveal anything openly about the potential project, but I'm happy to disclose information via email if you could get back to me whenever it is most convenient for you to do so. I have a purpose created email account for the project -

Also if there are other 3D modellers/sculptors amongst the community that you think might be interested as well, please do feel free to pass along the email address to them also. The project is grand in scale, but if it can be pulled off properly, it might just help to bring the beautiful hobby of tabletop wargaming back into the hands of those who cherish it the most, the hobbyists ourselves.

Kind regards,
James (JammyJim90)

Hey James, it says that email address couldn't be found or is otherwise unable to receive mail. Could you shoot me an email instead at the email in my bio? Feel free to include some more info on the project if you want, I will not disclose.

Awesome job! I bought your m4 EC marines... beautiful! they seem a bit off scaled now; did u know how much I should upscale them to make it match with the new MK6 size? thanks in advance!

It's been a bit since I looked at them, and they're all packed up right now from my moving. From what I remember, I originally modelled them to be fairly close to the mk 6's from the box release, and only took details from the mk 4s. They might look a bit smaller because of how the armor is shaped, but I don't remember any of my prints looking that odd next to the plastics.

I guess let me know, if you've printed them and the scale still seems off.

couple questions for ya, how much do you charge for a commission job on average for a levi dread iron warrior flavor? And is such a model something i can look forward to in the near future

I see it now. Thank you. I have no idea how I missed it. Thanks alot for the awesome quick response.

Hello, I just purchased your Breachers Kit but when I opened the files all I had were 2 pair of legs, a helmet and bolter arm. Where are the other parts?

You should be able to see a 4th legion when you go to download. The legs, helmet and bolter are just individual pieces I added after the fact, and as such download separately.

Hello. Would you consider doing some Gorgon Terminators at some point, since those guys are pretty much non-existent in terms of files anywhere? Thanks in advance :)

Unfortunately, gorgons would be a pretty sizable project owing to the fact that they're kinda their own thing, it's not like cataphracts or tartaros where I can begin with a base model I've already made, or refer to them for basic dimensions. I'd have to start from scratch, and I don't really have the time right now because of irl stuff.

That's not to say I don't think they're cool, and I might produce some iron hands specific stuff in the future, especially as they nicely both ally and fight EC. Just that they won't be happening anytime soon, as I can barely find time to work on some other minor projects I have going.

I ending up rescaling your proposed 8mm ones rather than print a million pieces, worked out rather nice on my test Iron circle.. would love more pre poses on either variant :)


Do you know if your iron Hammer stls would print at 8MM scale well? Have you or anyone else for that matter tried this with any success? Thank you for your time

I don't have any knowledge of anyone using these as 8mm. So, I thought about it, and If I was printing them for 8mm, I definitely don't think It'd work to print them as individual parts, at 8mm the fingers and things would be impossible, and even larger parts like the pauldrons would be a pain.

I started writing a list of things that would need to be combined at a minimum and realized it's probably too much to ask, so I went in and just re-exported the model as a single piece in 3 poses, added some supporting geometry, made everything a bit thicker and downloaded some 8mm marines for comparison. I tried to keep everything at least as thick as the tubes on the downloaded marines. I'll send a second message below this with an Imgur link to some images, however cults might temp block it due to the link.

I can't really do any test prints now, but it seems like that should be fairly printable. I'll see about adding the 3 to the listing. Don't feel any pressure to buy, but do let me know if you have any thoughts. I was just legitimately curious and intend to do some prints when I can later.

So, there some great 6-8MM dreadnought sized models that are in parts but its the full left/right arm, torso, legs and so on which is great for games that have multiple loadouts. So in some cases it does work and its worth the hassle. I would say for the iron hammers its not really as necessary because they only have one loadout though, either way I am excited to see some of them printed.

Hey, i was just trying to add these into the 3d printer but it said that the wardens sword and legs were unfixable, ei there was holes and other issues inside of the model. These were for the phoenix terminators.

I looked into the models a bit and I did find a few vertices that might cause an issue like that. I fixed what I found in the two you mentioned and got rid of the same inversion where it occurred in the non-warden legs and spears. If you still find you're having problems I might recommend you switch slicers, I test my models in both lychee and chitubox generally, as I think those two are the most popular. Most slicers are robust enough to get around internal geometry issues, especially minor ones.

Alternatively I can also send you algorithmically remeshed files if you email me, email in my bio, I generally don't like to upload remeshed/decimated models to cults as I don't want to waste people's bandwidth/space having to download two sets of the same files, and I like to believe the non-remeshed models work for most people, as well as preserve the original geometry as much as possible.

Hello, I got your templar brethren kit and I love the sculpts. I was wondering if you have the LYS files available for them as I need to make some adjustments to the rafts in order for it to print correctly on my machine.

LYS files? I'm guessing that's lychee, in which case no, I used chit-u-box. I probably have those project files if you want them, but I'm guessing it won't work the same as you're used to with lychee, not to mention you'd need chitubox.

If it's just a matter of bulking up the rafts you might try to just import the pre-supported model into lychee and mess with the raft tool on the left when in the prepare step. There's a few neat options there it.

I can use the Chit-u-box files too, i use that as well. I actually need to thin the rafts down. For some odd reason, my printer likes to print rafts about 5x as thick as the slicer indicates. I have never found a fix for this, so I just put all my rafts at the minimum thickness and thy come out looking normal. I cant adjust the rafts on the presupported files as the slicer just considers them all one model, if that makes sense.

Sorry for missing your reply, had some pressing medical stuff and was pretty distracted last week. If you still want the files I can send you them, just send me an email so I can drop them to you that way. My email is in my bio.

I grabbed the EC IV kit and I really liked it, but I was wondering (unless I've missed it) is there a file on hand for their bolters with no arms attached?

Not currently a thing, I can try to get it done tomorrow. It just isn't something I usually do unless asked, and I might have figured people would just use alternative sets of arms if they needed to, there's nothing too special about the arms themselves on the non-palatines I don't believe. Not much work for me either way, so I'll get it done when I have some free time, hopefully tomorrow.

Actually, I might have assumed incorrect because I've been asked for arms without hands/weapons lately. Is that what you want, or are you asking for just the bolters by themselves?

It would be great to have a left and arm with no hand, to be paired with other bits to make generic DG cata

(speaking about grave warden)

I just assumed most people would flip the arms horizontally in whatever slicer they use, I think most if not all have that functionality. Unless there's a reason another pose would be specifically worthwhile, but I don't know of any.

The key point would be having no hand, L\R is not so important as you told

Oh, there's already a zip file in the listing with arms (no hands). I think I added it two days after originally posting. I believe they should work with most 3rd party stuff, I haven't personally tried to do so though.

Sorry for the confusion, I got tripped up because you said left specifically.

I purchased your Rotary Ratmen team STL and it's extremely corrupted. Great scultp, but every slicer I throw it at refuses to properly complete the slice and MeshMixer reports over 100 mesh errors. All of this seems to make the model quite unprintable.

Strange, they should work fine, I've printed plenty, sold quite a few on Etsy even. Specifically I use chitubox and/or lychee for slicing. I'll see about putting up some decimated ones, might take me a couple hours, as I'll want to make sure none of the geometry is lost in the process, and the models are complex enough every step will run my cpu a few minutes.

Probably a good idea anyway, hopefully should be a bit lighter on file size and will certainly not have those issues.

Done, uploaded decimated variants, please let me know if you have any issues with them.

Currently away from my computer so haven't got them yet but I'm looking to get your DG Cataphracts. Just wanted to ask what scale are these guys at? be that the current Cataphract range or if they're more in-line with the Forgeworld kit.
Kits look amazing and looking forward to seeing g what else you make

They are indeed to scale with the plastic ones, not the resin ones. For the most part pieces should even be compatible (not aesthetically), besides the head being a normal marine head with a different mount.

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Some of the new grave warden's arms have a bases that makes print difficult

Ah. I fixed that, however I forgot to rezip before uploading. Sorry for the inconvenience, reuploading now

And thanks for pointing it out, I don't think I would have realized otherwise.

Is there can you do the figure with 2 swords a mutli part here you can add your own shoulder pads and backpack ?

I'm assuming you mean the captain in the EC mk IV set? Yes, he is split into a body, legs, a torso in two parts, two arms, head, backpack and shoulders. His parts are entirely interchangeable with the other parts in the set and probably most 1st and 3rd party parts, as long as they are to scale with the new mk 6s.

I’m just after captain


Love your sculpts, just bought the Phoenix Wardens and EC MK IV pack. Looking forward to printing them in resin, will follow you for new scults.

Future idea: Librarian Consuls are badly missing in the product line, so generic 30k Librarians w Force Hoods should be a good release I believe.

Don't know if you model vehicles but now that we have a plastic base S*caran the alternative Turrets would probably be popular too.


Glad you like the models. Hope they print well for ya.

For consul stuff, I've thought about how I'd want to make that sort of thing, and any collection I'd put out, I'd want to make sure it's substantial enough to sort of stand on its own as a listing. I'd probably pair a few things like a librarian, esotarist, vigilator, maybe some general praetorian gear. More of a general parts collection. Definitely something I think would be a good thing to have out there, just haven't gotten around to it.

I do make vehicle things to a degree, but I find that that sort of stuff tends to be pretty saturated anyway, and doesn't leave much room for creative liberties, I also enjoy working with complex rigging and posing, which vehicles don't get a whole lot of. I'm surprised there aren't models out there for those turrets anyway, I remember printing an arcus a year or so ago, maybe it's a common thing to be taken down

Like the idea of a substantial pack! Including some artificer and combiweapons and maybe a jump pack would make it a strong buy. M*ritat would be cool too.

Yeah I think that figures are free sculpts do a large degree, not IP infringement.

While specific tank models would be more going into that and probably risk taken down if not being a unique look.

Hello RN, I've bought your Iron Hammerer, but when it comes to putting it onto my plate, there are just so many options I'm lost !!.
Not often can i say that, great customer service.

However, could you add to the files a single "builds" worth of supported stls, in a pre-selected configuration, so i can just get the printer up and going.

Due to the fact they don't come with instructions it's hard to know what i need to add to the plate or not LOL. Cheers

Hey, so I made a mistake and deleted my original response, oops.

I see where you're coming from, I don't want to add duplicate files as it's a waste of file space, and the file is already half a gig. I'll give you a list of parts to print, with timestamps(60,70,80) for the variations that correspond to the three poses in the images:

1x big finger 1
1x big finger 2
1x cannon
2x elbow
1x face
2x foot (1+2 for 60, 2+3 for 70, 2+1 for 80)
1 hammer
1x large belt
1x left forearm
1x left pauldron of your choice
1x left leg (60,70, or 80)
1x right leg (60,70, or 80)
1x pelvis
1x pintle
1x right forearm
1x right pauldron of your choice
1x right pauldron upper plate of your choice
1x shield
1x small belt
1x small finger
1x symbol
1x symbol
1x torso'
1x tube bent(1, 2, 3, are 60, 70, 80 respectively)
2x upper arm
1x visor

The posed parts are largely interchangeable, When I made mine I printed 3 of each leg and 6 of each foot and just stuck stuff into whatever pose I liked. I had a few spare parts, but was happy with the results. I might see about adding some of this info to the exploded view image, but it's quite a lot either way.

Hope that helps some.

I should also say, I flipped some of the legs for more variety when I was printing mine.

Is there anywhere to see what your upcoming kits will be or your WIPS?

Not really. I'm a bit inept in regards to social media. I might look into putting out updates on twitter or something, or maybe try a patreon, but I haven't even got my first payout yet. I'm hoping I can get the payout to finally work, then I can look into getting a logo and stuff set up a bit better.

I have a few things in progress generally at any given time. I just finished a cataphractii rig. Now I have some grave wardens in the works that are mostly done, just need to do poses, cloth variations, and a little extra detail work. I've been doing pre-supporting of my other kits in the background, but it really starts to drag on me, so I've been swapping between working on a release, and pre-supporting for another.

Fair. I would probably avoid twitter myself as its probably the worst of the bunch lol. Im personally excited to see what you put out, and please dont burn yourself out on presupports. The people who whine about that kind of thing havent put in the minute effort that comes iwth 3d printing and just scream the loudest. Your stuff is great, please keep up the great work!

first file i have downloaded and i am wondering if these need supports, how do you print them. chitubox is showing a lot of red red

What files? You sent me a direct message so I don't know what you're referring to. Some of my listings have supported files, some don't. Those that do are marked as such. Whatever the case, all models will need supports, either the ones I put in, or added by the customer.

hello i love your designs would you be interested in allowing me to sell the prints? could we work something out?

Yeah, send me an email, and I'll give you the details.

Hey, thanks on doing the pre-supports, I'm going to get started this week on printing. would you mind sharing your Mono 4k print settings? many thanks

Since I've switched to using photon eco resin, which was somewhat recent, I believe I've just stuck to chitu-box's defaults, as they seemed to work well enough without any optimization, and I figured that would be most similar to what the average user might be working with.

Layer Height .05mm, Botom layer num: 6, exposure time: 2.0s, bot expo time: 40s, 0 transition layers, light-off delay: .5s.

I don't know what the settings were for my phrozen resin, though I could probably see if they're still programmed into my larger printer.

Ah right , I'll use the Chitu default's instead of lychee then. Cheers

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