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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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I have a few people that want to buy a printed model NOT The files. Are you ok with this. Thx

Thank you for reaching out. Here is the standard response I give out for my models:
"Keep in mind that most of the models are based on IP's of large corporations and they are protective of their IP's. Personally I do not mind if you sell them, providing they are not listed on any website or social media boards. Selling them one-on-one for time and materials is fine. It's the advertising angle that needs to be discouraged."

Hope that makes sense.

Hi Steve, I think we once again have a problem

And this also looks pretty much as yours. But the first one is sure because it’s your pictures Saw them random.

I guess it’s a never ending story.

Thank you for being so supportive of my work. For models on the 3d printing download sites I follow up with the site owners, who are typically very responsive. But for etsy/eBay sites I’ve given up trying to stop them (and there are far too many people there that sell my models). The sites themselves do not care and tell you to contact the seller directly. Contacting the seller does nothing since they know that they should not be selling other peoples work. On the other hand, there are a lot of good people out there as well. I get numerous questions about selling my models, which I have a standard answer for.


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Yeah it’s seems endless since I already found a lot more since the algorithms showed similar results.

Sad world we live in, but at least there are good people like you that make it all worthwhile.
PS. I am killing time at the airport with a 10 hour layover. On my way home from vacation.

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Hola, me podrían decir el enlace para comprar el color universal beige, no lo encuentro con esa tonalidad. gracias

I’m on vacation so I do not have a full answer for you. Over the years I have used different shades for skin color. I am currently using a US company, Paramount3d, for my skin colors. They have multiple shades of different skin colors. But in general, use any filament company that has multiple beige tones and pick out a light one.

Let me know what you decide on.

Thank you for reaching out. I sent a message to Cults support to take this down. I looked at the other models from this maker and see that he has done this with other files as well. I'll send a separate message to Cults support about the whole account.

People like you make all the hard work on these models worth it. I appreciate you reaching out.

FYI- I've even found someone on EBAY selling my free STL files!


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You're welcome Steve. I really appreciate your efforts and willingness to share your designs with the community and even for free.

No one should take credit for other people's hard work and never profit from it.

We must stand together in the fight against copycat's.


Thank you, once again. I thought that I'd share some more information.
I checked some other models from that user and found that the user also copied models that are for sale! So I sent another message to Cults. Here is the response I received this morning:

"Thank you very much for your report. It is really important for us.
Based on your testimony, we have removed the creation.

Thanks again for your vigilance, it helps us a lot to filter out thieves and scammers from our community.
If you see any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us again!"

I've had a close relationship with the Cults owners since they started out and they have always been very responsive. A really nice group of guys.


Thank you for the update. Good with quick response. I have reported other users over time who took other people's designs and they are always good at handling it.


C'est possible d'avoir la moto en unis car je voudrais la faire en 80cm et pas 290mm

Thank you for reaching out. Once question about a word in the translation to English. Translation said 'bike in plain', do you mean bike in one piece'?

My standard response to that question is:
"When I find someone who prints in resin and paints well, I team up with them to convert my 'split' models to one piece. If you'd like to see this model as one piece, and have the time, contact me at"

I would need for you to verify that the small features would still print correctly at that size.


Thanks. My cleaning routine on 3 printers has been compromised with work, church and other endeavors. Must get back to better preparation instead of globbing on more glue sticks

Thanks for the feedback and direction for future suggestions. My Bambu X-1 spits small brimless objects from time to time, part of the 3d printing experience. Thanks again.

Yeah, it's a continuous learning curve with 3D printing. For along time I used many brims on parts that did not need them at all but did it for the 'safety' feeling. Once I learned how to best clean my print bed, it was like having a new printer. At one early point nothing was sticking well and I bought some backup replacement sheets. Luckily I finally understood proper cleaning and am still using the original sheet that I almost threw away.

Thanks for sharing such awesome files. A suggestion maybe you could share for the eyes on Foghorn Leghorn. If you rotate the black eyes 180° and use the brim to help you hold such a tiny piece for placement it saves frustrating time. Sometimes thinking out of the box can help someone. That's the beauty of the printing community, coming up with ideas that are hopefully helpful. Again, thanks for the model.

Thank you for reaching out and offering suggestions.

Most makers look at other makes that have been posted and read their comments, so a good place for helpful information would be to post your make and add the comments.
Eye blacks are typically a pain due to their size, but a necessary part of most models. I've found that makers have many preferences, such as disliking rafts or brims, and avoid them at all costs. Bed adhesion varies from maker to maker as well, so I simply add how I printed the part. Even I have changed recently now that I have a Prusa MK4 and would no longer need a brim for that part. So, by makers adding their comments/suggestions directly to the models it is quite helpful.


Pretty cool stuff you're awesome thanks for sharing

Thank you for reaching out with those kind words. Very much appreciated.
If you do make my models, and have the time, be sure to post your makes. Seeing makes posted gives me the incentive to make more models.


Hello Steve,

Thank you for creating such beautiful models.
I love the precision of the placement of the parts, the choice of models, everything is really well thought out.
I've just made Obelix (75%) as a gift for a colleague in green and white PLA and the rest hand-painted and the result is really fantastic.
I've posted a few photos on facebook (I don't know if I can give the link).
I'm making another of your "speedy gonzales" creations, this time 100%.
Keep on making us dream with all these figurines from the past and present...

Thank you for reaching out with those kind words, very much appreciated.
If you have the time, be sure to post your makes on Cults. The more makes I see, the more models I make. As well, seeing makes tells me what makers really like.


Hi, Steve,

This is marketing at ELEGOO.
We are wondering if we could print your TOM AND JERRY model and post the printing video on our Tik Tok official account?

Best regards,
ELEGOO marketing team

Thank you for reaching out ( I received your message on Thingiverse as well).
It would be my pleasure for you to use any of my models. All my work is free and can be used freely except for the actual advertising and sales of the models.
Since I do not have TikTok, please let me know how I can see the video when it's complete.


I’m a fan of your sculpts already and I just found you! I read your comments and see you keep track of requests, so I figured I’d ask: the Go-Go Gophers (from the Underdog show) and the Colonel and Sergent. All colorful and fun nostalgia.

Thank you for reaching out. It's always good hearing from makers who enjoy my models.
I do keep a list of maker requests, but since I make one model per month (it actually takes me that long since I'm old and slow), choosing the next model is not easy. I typically choose the model with the most requests. So, yours will go on the list and let's hope other makers request those characters as well.

If you do make my models, be sure to post makes. Seeing makes posted also tells me what makers like.


Hello, I wanted to know, could I print those models that you published and sell them?

Thank you for reaching out. Here is my standard response to that question:
Keep in mind that most of the models are based on IP's of large corporations and they are protective of their IP's. Personally I do not mind if you sell them, providing they are not listed on any website or social media boards. Selling them one-on-one for time and materials is fine. It's the advertising angle that needs to be discouraged.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi, I just want to sell, for example, the finished figure of sonic. I just want to sell the figure and I wanted to know if it can be done
Thanks in advance

No problem selling one-on one if someone asks you to make one or if you sell them at craft fairs. As I said, as long as it is not advertised on a website.

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I see you have a lot of nice prints and I'm working on Sonic-Classic. But can't find any Tails in matching size or divided to print by color.
It would be nice if he could have his friend

Thank you for reaching out. I choose my characters by the number of requests I get for them. Each model takes me about a month, so I choose wisely. Tails is definitely on my list and your query helps move it up.
Keep watching and posting your makes. Seeing makes posted also tells me what makers like.

Hello. What scale is the Akira Bike? 1/10? 1/12? Thanks for making my favorite anime bike available. -Mike

Thank you for reaching out. I did not scale it other than to make sure it fit most printer beds. It is posted at 290mm long.
The way I model, it can be scaled up/down and everything will still fit perfectly. The only consideration is scaling down and not slicing some walls properly.

If you want to be more precise with the scale, I suggest that you contact the maker who did it at 1/6th actual scale for his Akira figure:

Do not hesitate to reach out if you still need more guidance.

Thanks! I did a size comparison to a toy that I believe is 1/6th (good for 12" Marvel characters). I came up with a scale of 1:13.386 The 1:1 might be 153.54" (3899.916mm) long (12.75' seems long). I will probably print off several size seats to see what works/looks best. I may design some wheels for myself with various tread patterns. Thanks again! Gotta fire up my resin printers.

Sounds like you know what you are doing! Great hobby. Do not hesitate to keep me in the loop. I'd love to see your results. I never knew how popular Akira was until someone asked for this model.

As for certain parts (like wheels), I designed it for FDM printing and worked with those limitations.


YAY, Supersize, I like that idea. Actually, David has enlarged a design or two of yours, but not "super". I'll be sure and check out the 'makes'. I'm a huge Bugs fan for forever and a large version of him on my nightstand would be the BEST. Thank you, again, for creating a full figure of him. I'll be sure and post David's make as soon as he has it done. 😁

OH WHAT A SWEETHEART, YOU ARE, STEVE ❣❣❣ Eons ago when I first encountered you and your magnificent cartoon designs, I had written you to ask if you might, one day, make a full figure Bugs Bunny. (Up to that point there was a Bugs Bunny half figure poking out of his hole).
Since then I've sort of lost track of Cults and other stl sites (my 3D printer husband, David, having segued to other interests).
But today I got the Cults newsletter and saw Tom Cat, which I told David I wanted him to print for me.
Then I went to your site to see if there was the companion piece to Tom, Jerry, and immediately noticed, and yelled with delight, the full body Bugs Bunny.

You're my HERO, Steve. Thank you!❣ Thank you❣ Thank you❣❣❣ Yours, with sincerest affection, Ms. Max 💖

So nice of you to write and let me know. I remember your request and then getting a few more requests for the one piece Bugs but I kept putting him off. So glad you like him. You might want to check out the makes. There is one maker that likes to supersize my models and made a huge Bugs.

Messages like yours keep me motivated to make more models, so thank you for that as well.

FYI Jerry is almost ready.


Hello again,

hope you will be fine ;) I have a question....i have a 3d printed model from the Planet Express spaceship (Futurama) printed in multicolour. I need the crew for this really nice ship, but not find any good stl in multicolour for it :( Fry, Leela, Bender and Nibbler for example....or some more figures ;D I really need your help, you are a nice programmer and i like your work much. Hope my english is ok ;)

Greetings from Germany!

Your English is perfect, but do not hesitate to use you native language. Google translate takes care of multi-lingual society.
I have those characters on my list, but the list is long and I'm 'old and slow' and each model takes me about a month to do. I choose my models based on the number of requests that I get from makers, so your request for futurama bumps them up the list a bit.

Keep watching and posting makes. Seeing makes posted also tells me what makers like.


May have to print your Tasmanian devil( try are actually a real animal but only look a little like the cartoon) and mount it on some huon pine I got at the same mill.

I met a good woodworker recently (who used exotic woods). He wanted to do a wave in the wood an I generated a file for him to turn. So good when different hobby's and interests cross and help each other.

TOM CAT -> "For the body both Benoit" what is Benoit?

Great question! He is my QA guy and I mention that in my notes. Always read my notes. All my work is free, so I cover most bases in testing my models but not all. So at the end of each project, before it is released live I send him my files and notes. He then prints and lets me know his experience and I update accordingly.
Hope that helps!

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Since you do all my models, would you like to get involved in the process?

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Sure, thanks for your confidence.

I know that I've got your email address somewhere, but I lose track of things like that. Can you send me an email with what machine you use, what slicer you use and if you set any non-standard parameters.

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You are the best. Amazing person and amazing support. I can't thank you enough for what you do.

Thank you for those kind words, but as I say 'teamwork'. We all learn from each others experiences and sharing is the best thing.

Absolutey excellent design, was looking forward to this one, but so far 2 times 10 hours to get to the point where the left arm gives away from the supports, man i love it when you guys do the supports i can never get it correct, back to the drawing board

I'd like to get to your root cause. We ran some tests and were quite happy that it printed with slicer supports. Long story as to why I did not do built-in supports, but if you work with me I might be able to help.
Send me an email at

In the email, let me know which slicer and version of the slicer you used as well as if you can include your project file. Worst case is that I will create the built-in supports for you.

Steve!!!!!!!! Tom is there !!! great and brilliant , thank you again !!!!!!!!! greetzz Fonz

Always good to hear from you, hope all is well.

These models look great. Can you make the Tom model available as one piece for resin printing by chance??

Thank You!

Thank you for reaching out. Look for 'onepiece' in the title of my models. Those models can be easily scaled and printed in resin. When I find someone who prints in resin and paints well, I team up with them to convert my 'split' models to onepiece. If you'd like to see other onepiece models (Tom for instance) and have the time, contact me at .

FYI-I have not used the collections on Cults yet to organize my models, but on all my onepiece models are in a collection for easy reference.

Hi! First of all, thanks for your reply. Is very interesting to know how you do your process, the designs are awesome. Just curious, wich is the next model you are going to be publishing?

Also, if by any chance you do have a youtube channel or something like that were I can learn, if you can share it what would be great. Thanks a lot in advance, keep up the good work

Everyone works differently and since this a hobby, I'm never in a hurry anyways.
Tom of 'Tom and Jerry' is almost finished and then I'll do Jerry.
No Youtube or other social media at all. I just model and post the models for others to enjoy. however I do help makers on a on-on-one basis through email and discord. So, if you would like guidance, just send e an email at

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