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Sorry about that. This was auto imported from thingiverse and it must not have gotten all of the details. Here is the missing information:

Print the top piece upside down and it will print without supports. For the bottom piece, you will need supports enabled for everywhere to support the LED clip.

As for resolution, I printed the bottom piece and the legs at 0.2mm. The top piece was printed at 0.3mm since there wasn't any real detail there.


For the back light, I used this - - At 10 pieces for $7 (at the time of my purchase), you cannot go wrong. You will need to solder the power supply wires to the chip, since there was not enough room to model in a USB connector. With the LEDs facing up and the USB pads towards you, positive is on the right and negative is on the left. The two middle pads are unused.

Fresh off the printer, the light is brighter at the bottom and darker at the top - which I expected. To counteract this, I lined the inside of the "top" piece with aluminum foil tape - the type used for A/C duct work. I placed one strip across the top and two strips side by side up and down the rear panel. This was enough to reflect the light and even out any dim areas. You might want to place a strip on each of the side panels too, just for better coverage.

For the pins that hold the legs on, you can use 3mm filament if you have any laying around. If not, I have included pegs that you can print. The two shorter pins go in the two front holes. The rest are all the same, longer, length.

Hi, on your "Lithophane Display Case - Portrait Mode" design what light setup did you use?

Your electrical boxes, would it be ok to use it in a design for an outdoor power distribution box? Will be posting on cults when I am done

Sure. That's fine.

Thank you. That purple was the first filament I ever purchased. The X-axis, of my machine is highly modified with custom parts - some of my own design, some I found on Thingiverse - as is the rest of my printer. If you are just looking for spare parts like the originals, I have uploaded these to my server here - Part STLs/ - If you are interested in the upgrades instead, let me know and I will get a list of those together for you.


Do you have a complete set of replacement parts or the Tevo Tatantula ( like your x axsis? )

The plastic that came on the tevo is very fragile and breaks!

I really like the purple you printed your part in!