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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Hi, this is Kazi from Australia. One of my friends runs a little farm shop on an island close by and she fell in love with your design of the cow keychain. Is there any way to ask you for permission to sell a few of these keychains in her farm shop? Happy to send you a percentage of the sales if you allow for it, or any other way to pay for your work, if not we'll stick to our original designs mostly derived from her farm and animals from there. I understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property as I design things for a living too. Just wanted to check if there's any way to actually avail permission to use them. Fairly new to browsing other creator's designs on cults3d. Awesome work btw, keep it up!

Kind Regards,

Hello Kanzi,

Yes you have my permission. You can choose to make a donation of your choice here on 3dCults. Love your story.

Best Raimon

hallo wie lassen sich die Untersetzer mit einem Eigenen motiv Erstellen? könnten sie mir helfen?

Es gibt bestimmte Designs, die ich machen kann. Allerdings bin ich bei den verschiedenen Designs, die es gibt, begrenzt. Wenn Sie mir eine Idee geben, wie Sie Ihren Untersetzer haben möchten. Entweder durch Worte oder Bilder kann ich herausfinden, ob ich es für Sie entwerfen könnte.

Sie können auch Ihren eigenen Untersetzer entwerfen. Es gibt viele Tutorials auf YouTube, in denen Sie dies lernen können. So begann mein Abenteuer in der 3D-Modellierung. Allerdings ist vieles auf Englisch. Verwenden Sie Schlüsselwörter wie: 3D-Modellierung, 3D-Design und CAD-Softwarenamen. Wie TinkerCad, Blender, Fusion 360.

Could you do an 'S' coaster that is similar to the 'P' ?

Editing to say please =)

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Hey 👋, thanks for messaging me. I have 2 P drinkcoasters, so which one?

I'm uploading a S drink coaster, I will give you the link in a few minutes.. :)

Here is a drinkcoaster with the letter 'S' let me know what you think..

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the second one you sent is the one we used, We blew it up and printed it as a door hanger for when we go on vacation so we can recognize our cabin door.

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we are going to try the one you sent above. I will let you know how it goes!!! Thank you so much!!! We love how these pop out with the multi color filament! The P turned out really awesome! <3

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You’re welcome. Happy printing 🥳

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Hello. Can I sell 3d printing of your designs?

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Of course you can. But I must inform you that some 3d models have copyright ©️. Like spiderman earrings. They are published for free. It’s not a good thing to make money of someone else brand. You can consider leaving me a donation.

Hi, My excuses for the late respond. Support is not required for the garden pig. And overall generating support would mess up the voronoi patterns. Best Raimon.

hi, are any supports required on the garden pig? cheers

May I have your permission to use these as a donation incentive, for a young lady trying to raise money to go to the Olympics this year?

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That’s totally fine. Just take in mind that models like spider man earrings shouldn’t be sold cause of copyright infringement.

Thank you!

That’s totally fine. Just take in mind that models like spider man earrings shouldn’t be sold cause of copyright infringement. You can also consider giving me a tip.

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

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I wanted to ask if you have your "LETTER M DRINKCOASTER" also as a "T"? and unffortunatly the link to your coasterholder doesnt work anymore.



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Okay I’m researching your question. Give me a moment..

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Thank you :)

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Cause a need a good looking "T" Stamp for a friends weeding and cant find one, thats why iam asking

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Unfortunately i don't have the letter 'T' drinkcoaster, but i'll design it now for you (for free). That doesn't take too long. The link to my coasterholder is working on other drinkcoaster pages..can you tell me where that link is? (to my coasterholder).

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the link was in the descripton from the Letter M

You’re awesome!

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The link is fixed at the coaster letter ‘M’ page.

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Your the best thanks for everything!

I was in the assumption you’d already seen the drinkcoaster on my profile. It’s right here:

Hi Cecildt, You are original in your approach. Of course you have my permission under these conditions. Good luck in Louisiana!

I would like your permission to print and sell a few of the flamingo earnings for an up coming event here in Louisiana that has pink flamingo as it's mascot. I would of course send you tip if you ok . Cecil

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have you ever tried to let your models print in metal?

No to be honest I haven’t

should not be much over 30 euros for earrings
i always let my masterpieces print

Ah okay. Thanks for the info. Are the earrings not to heavy to wear?

..i dont just 4 info

Well I’m not interested in buying if that’s what you mean.

no, dont ment

Yes that’s totally fine.

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Tombreizh thank you for your kind message. It helps me a lot.

Can i share on my Instagram pictures of the cats earrings? (With your github and cults3d links).

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👍🏼 Of course!

J ai imprimé les boucles d oreilles en forme de chat pour ma fille de 6 ans. Elles veut les porter pour aller a l école avec. Beau travail merci pour elle.

thank you for letting me

All right, raimon.thank you.

hello brother,I want to make and sell this earring from my printer, do you allow me to sell it?

Hi! I hope you understand that some earrings cannot be commercially sold ( like spiderman earring for example) Cause they have copyright’s that don’t belong to you nor me. So I always put those earrings up for free. So if you keep that in mind and leave me a tip I think it’s alright. I always ask for a tip cause I have put a lot of work in these models. Best Raimon

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hola como estas? necesito hacer un apoyavasos (coasters) de una imnobiliaria me interesa mucho tus modelos por eso te contacto podrias decime el costo?

Hello LucianagDiFrance, you can donate an amount of your choice.

Hi friend, I have a small online business, and I was wondering, if I paid you per print, would you allow me to print and sell these? In good faith, I would send you a link to each product so you can keep track of how many I sell, and I will pay you an agreed price per print into your PayPal account each month. I will also mention that these earrings are your intellectual property, and you hold full copyright on them. You are very talented, some of the designs are incredible. You can email me at Kind regards, David.

I agree. I will allow you to pay me per print.

But I’m not sure if you can for example sell the spiderman earrings. Cause they have a copyright of their own. Marvel I believe. If you know what I mean.

Sure you can Grantew.

Bonne impression

Hello ! Thanks a lot for your help :) . As there is a copyright on your models, I wanted to be sure and to get your agreement. Have a nice day !

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