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Hi PSD. I am trying to download the Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K flexible build system adaptor but I only see text files in my downloads. If I choose another printer, downloads are visible. Could you please check for me? Thanks in advance.

there is definitely an stl file in the downloads, I just double checked, write me an email if you need me to send it to you by email:

Hello - You made this print for me, which I'm guessing you made from the previous design? Now that I have my own FDM printer I can do the reprint but just want to confrim the version you printed for me was of the previous generation (and what typle of filament you used?)



Do you know if your TILTED DRIP HEAD FOR ELEGOO SATURN is suitable for the SATURN S?


Hi! I was just wondering where I could find the mars_head-psd_V5.chitubox file mentioned on the model page. Thanks!

Sorry, I am not sure why it’s not here, but it is in this link

Hi I had a question. I just bought a sonic mini 8k and the whambam system. I thought I just needed to loosen the screws for the z calibration (like in the sonic mini 4k) but the instrunctions on the support part of your website say we still need a spacer to place on the printer. Do i keep the screws all the way down or do i let them loose when im doing the calibration of the z axis with the spacer? Thank you for your time

sorry, just saw this, hope you got it resolved, You will need to loosen the screws on your build plate to level and after hitting home you re-tighten. However you will probably need the spacer to be installed first

Will the spool holder hold rolls of 3 kilos? And what scale would i need it to be for that purpose? Regards

I am sorry, just saw this message, It was designed for standard 1 kg rolls, I would need the measurements of your spool to adjust the designs to tell you new print parameters.

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