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Hola necesito una mano para poder imprimir bien el archivo de Edgar, como hago para poder imprimirlo bien? Cuando empieza las manos o la bufanda, aclaro que soy nuevo en esto. Desde ya muchas gracias. Muy buen laburo el tuyo.

hey so the first ariana grande figure thats in peices witha stand. only the torso can download the others say repaired and wont let me download reach me here or at

Hi there! I have just checked out the files and everything seemed okay. However, I have updated the upload of the files and you should be able to download the newer version as of now. Let me know if this solves the issue. Thanks!

ah hell yea it worked... yea for some reason the ones that said repaired didnt dowlload to the resin printer program but now its working ima a big fan ill print this in transparent light blue thanks again

Hello, I bought a lot of works from you, but they are all in whole. Could you please give me some pieces? Could you please give me a pedestal file for each work, in case I cannot stand up straight and fall down? Thank you.

Congratulations on your work friend. would you have any contact that is easier for us to be talking to? I would like to know if I have any models I'm looking for, I'm also a big Pokémon fan, big hug from Brazil

Buenas he comprado el archivo de fortnite de Fishstick y la base no viene, podria decirme por que?

Hola! Gracias por tu compra. Tal y como se muestra en el despiece del modelo (segunda imagen), la base no forma parte del modelo. Puedes conseguirla fácilmente buscando V-Buck en Thingi. Saludos!

Hi,I want Leon the werewolf from Brawl Stars.Can you do it for me?

Hola, he comprado tu modelo de squeak. Sabes si puedo abrirlo en pepakura, es que quiero hacerlo en cartulina. Muchas gracias.

Buenas! Para pepakura necesitarías un modelo Low Poly. Estos están optimizados para impresión 3D. Saludos!

Hola, el stl de colette tiene bastantes errores. Tal cual está no es imprimible. He tenido que usar meshmixer para poder reparar el archivo.

Hi there! It actually comes in one unique part. Resin printing is recommended. Thanks for the interest!