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Hello Everyone! My name G-maJinn and I’m looking for someone to design a One Piece art piece if it hasn’t already been done.

I have seen Pokeball switch tv adapters and I would like to do the Luffy snail instead. If this isn’t allowed I apologize immensely. However please forgive me since I’m new to the 3-D printing World and just learning to navigate. P.S. If anyone has any other ideas I could do for my sons birthday please share! I’ll greatly appreciate all the Help and direction I can get! Thank you and Peace, love and happy Printing to all

was the one piece brook figure supposed to come with a stand? i saw it in the pictures but not in the files downloaded.

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

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Merci d'avance

Hi, can we use these beautiful t-rex babies in our shop and on cons for promotion? We can give u a part of the money we get. But the most import thing for us is that we use these money for donations on helpful things like homeless kids or else.

Pls contact me under

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