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Hola que tal. Me podría decir las medidas de la figura muchas gracias

hola de cual de las figuras

Hola que tal me podrías decir las medidas aproximadas de la figura. Muchas gracias

holas a todos me disculpo por no contestar estos dias tuve un problema con los discos donde guardo los diseños recupere lo que pude y en estos días pe pongo al corriente tato en diseños que me sugirieron como en problemas con los diseños actuales

Hey! Can I see a picture of the noble 6 model 3d printed?

hola, buen día, tiene todas sus piezas completas en tamaño real ?

No hay problema mi amigo! Lo siento por la respuesta tardía! ¿Cómo va todo?

Avísame cuando puedas! :)

hey i just downloaded your kriss vector mod, and the files are filled with flipped normals. could you reupload a version without?

Hello my friend :) Just wanted to ask if there's any updates on the Doom figure-hope it will be available to purchase soon :) Looking forward to it!

is the starship trooper power armor scalable to a wearable size?

Hey! I thought I would help make things easier with some 3D models to help you out! Here is the character:

It might be missing the blade on the arm, so you will probably have to model that, but it's a pretty simple design! Here is the weapon:

I am not sure if the small piece on top is ok for printing since it would be thin-if this is a problem, then here is a backup gun:

I don't mind either weapon :)

I didn't know you were working on Wargreymon-my favorite Digimon! Will that model be available to purchase? I am excited for it! PS_I am not sure what the piece is that is on the left arm of the figure I showed you-it doesn't appear anywhere else! Also, is it possible to maybe make it larger than normal and get all the small details in there? :) Like the veins on the arms, details on armor parts etc

Hi! Is it possible to make a figure of the soldier from Doom Eternal? You can make it similar to this design:

Except the face isn't necessary, you can have the helmet as all one piece :) Also the weapon should be the combat shotgun from the game! Different from the one in the photos. Is it possible to release this for everyone to purchase on Cults?

hey, i wanna buy the seeker mines, but i saw some comments that files are missing. How can we fix that ?

Glad to hear! :) Sorry for the late reply! No way-I have actually been studying the history of South America and Bolivia recently (I am extremely interested in all history) and it inspired me! Would you be able to make a historically-accurate figure of a Bolivian soldier from the Chaco War? I understand it is a controversial period in history for sure, so I understand if you say no :) But I find it super interesting and it is the largest conflict in modern South American history!

hola man. como estas?- che te compre el rifle de asalto de starship troopers. fue todo un lio la compra pero al final puede efectuar el pago. por la segunda opción. no lo pude descargar a si que espero te contactes conmigo via correo. electronico. cuando te llegue el pago de paypal. tendras mis datos. un saludo enorme y gracias llevo esperando por esta precioso modelo.


hey man i run a small blaster mod company named foamdemic, i was wondering if i could purchase or work out a deal for the vector kit licences for larger production? if i can just buy them straight out and credit you that would be preferred but we can also work out another deal!

Hey! I'm sorry I've been so busy with work, I am going to transfer you come cash this weekend! I haven't forgotten! I was transferring the model files onto my hard drive and I noticed that it looks like there's a missing file. The numbers jump from 35 to 37-no 36. I am sorry to bother you I just wanted to make sure that all the files are there! Are there any files missing?

No problem :) Would you recommend printing in FDM or PLA?

No the price is fine! :) What print settings would you recommend for the figure?

Hello! Sorry been super busy! What is your paypal?

¡Muchas gracias! ¿Cuánta articulación tiene?

¡Solo lo digo porque noté algunas cosas con la figura de jorge que se pueden mejorar! Estaré encantado de proporcionar algunas críticas constructivas para ayudar :)