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Hi! If l print,can i sell the prints?

Hello, you can sell the prints, not the digital design.
Credits would be appreciated!

thank you!

Do you happen to have a version without the drainage holes?

sorry for the late response... i just modified it for you, please contact me via email if you still need it, if not, don't worry!

My email address is !

hi! try these:
1) re-download the zip file and extract it again, to make sure its not damaged.
2) check if you're inserting into your slicer the zip file or another of the files that are included in the zip, that are not stl. if you know how a zip file works, and you know you're opening the stl file correctly, dont mind this.
if you continue with problems, contact me at so i cant help you better!

Hi, I have an issue with take out container.

It says "! chinese-takeout-box-succulent-planter20201122-723-9qrw8f\nachitox\chinese-takeout-box-succulent-planter\Chinese takeout box -f.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

Hi, do you have any email where I can reach you? Thanks!

Hi! I just sent you an email.

I purchased your CHINESE TAKEOUT BOX, SUCCULENT PLANTER, but it only came with the RAR file. Since I am using MakerBot, I will need the STL file. It did not come with the STL download like you mentioned on the page. If you could assist me that would be great. You can contact me at
Thank you