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How much is the thickness of these pots?
Can you edit the thickness to 1.25 - 1.50 mm?

Hello, there is an etsy store selling one of your planters:

Hello! I really like your planters and was wondering what I would have to do to be able to sell them commercially. Please let me know if this is ok Have a great day and thank you for the great designs!

Feliciafoxtrot, I am in a vacation now and my return depends on the weather. Thus I am not be able to provide your request. Sorry for that :(

Hi! I don't have a 3D printer but I am in a need of a product like the ARTIST PAINT BRUSH HOLDER. Can I purchase a already-built brush holder from you? Thank you! :)

You can sell my candle holders after you print them. No problem.

Hey! I really like your candle holders - would you be ok if I would print and sell these? You can contact me at Syl.fa at Thanks!

your arduino case nearly looks what I'm looking for. Will you provide an extended version which implement RJ45 shield + LCD 4x20 ?

Uh.. sorry for late response.. Wellcome to the world of 3d plastic creativity. Wish you very best, cheers!

Muchas gracias por poner objetos prácticos para mi impresora. Anycubic Mega.
Estoy en los inicios de esta actividad por hobby
Gracias y un saludo