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do you use supports for the cali-dragon?

No, no need for them. It has some overhangs, which are intended to test the printer layer cooling performance

Hi. I know you don't allow your items to be sold as prints unless licensed and I know currently people in the US cannot. However, I am wondering if I can just throw something I print of yours (ie the cali-dragon) as a FREE item in an order as a thank you. No money would be made on it on my end.

Hi! If it's a gift then it's not commercial use, so that's fine ;)

The sockets with T-shape inserts on the Piggy require supports. Is a refund possible?

Hi there! Not sure what do you mean by "T-shape inserts". However, I'm quite sure it can be printed without supports. I've printed lots of them, even on resin, and other users have printed it as well. If you need further assistance you can reach me at

However, if you think it doesn't meet the requirements you can ask Cults3D about the refund. I'm afraid I'm not able to manage payments.


How long is the dragon in the default size? Trying to figure out if I need to scale it before I print. Thanks!

Hi! It depends a lot on the printer and the settings. As reference, it took about 11 hours on a Prusa Mini with 0.2 mm layer height and no infill.

День добрый не могу вам оплатить модель. Есть варианты?

I dont think we would be a huge reseller...BUT I teaching my 17 year old the how to use the printers and we are setting up an etsy store. Would 10 to 15% of sales be worth the time? We love the stuff you have created. I just printed a 34 inch dragon on our CR30 it is super cool and a fun decoration to talk to people about when they come over. LMK we are very interested.

Hi! Thanks a lot for asking. The main issue is that I have to stop adding sellers at some point. Otherwise I won't be able to handle all of them, and the market will saturate. Anyway, you can fill the form and I'll reach you if I change my mind:

Have a nice day! 😉

Are you still not accepting any new resellers in the US?

No, I'm afraid I'm not (unless you have a really good proposal, in which case I suggest you to fill out the form in my website)

Hola! Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Cults3D ya está al tanto del problema y creo que está resuelto.
Un saludo!

I purchased your articulated dragon. I've tried 4 different times to print. I'm sure it is a problem on my end but has anyone else had problems. I end up printing the dragon at 110 scale and it gets almost 3/4" tall and somehow it always breaks my pla filament where it is fed to the extruder at that point. Didn't know if you had any suggestions. I'm using an ender 3.

Hi there! Here you can find a list of printing tips for my designs:
However, the issue you are reporting seems very weird. Never heard about filament breaking several times at the same spot. When it breaks it's usually random or due to a tangle. Did it happen with other prints?

Just thought i'd let you know I figured it out. I had had some heat creep just had to swap out my tubing.

Great! Glad you found the issue. Thanks for letting me know. Have a nice weekend!

Hello love your work and was wondering it you have a Patreon account or anything like it for early design access and or the permission to sell lizzards, I would happily pay my daughter is 11 and really wants to (lemonade stand) them at school and more I've explained that is not legal and I would have to obtain/pay for permission to do that if even allow it, I have purchased other patreon accounts for her and she and her freinds LOOOOOVE your lizzards most of anything I've printed her so I figured it didn't hurt to ask, and also perfectly OK and understand if not allowed we love your work you are a very talented developer and want you to know either way we will continue to enjoy and brag about your work to others as EVERYONE in Alaska adult to kid loves your lizzards and asks my daughter to sell them one lol, love it soooo cute and hope you continue to make your artistic creations, thank you and we understand and respect your choice either way, hope you have a great day 😊

Hi! Thanks for asking. Here you can find all the info regarding the commercial license:

ok thank you very much for reply

Hello, do you do design courses? or in any case could you advise how to start designing I love the designs
doimino something fusion 3d
Now that I don't have a job, I can dedicate time to learning design.


Hi! No, I don't teach (yet). I'm still learning and improving my skills. I basically followed some Blender tutorials online, mostly from Grant Abbitt and Blender Guru

Hello. When I printed this left side (When viewed from above with spider's mouth facing up), leg 2 and 4 did not print correctly... it detached from the build plate. Is there a possibility to get those two legs as separate with a way to basically just glue it around the 'hinge' portion of the body? I am not clever enough with STL editing apps to do it myself. All help appreciated! :)

PS. I printed it at 250%

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that. It may be related to curling issues. Please take a look to these tips, maybe it solves your issue:
Regarding the replaceable legs, I'll take a look. I'm already doing something similar for the cute mini octopus, but I'm quite busy lately.

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That will be great! :) Yes please let me know - was quite weird that only 2 of the legs did not go through - but the others printed without a problem - seeing that it was a 12 hr print :)

I haven't tested it yet, but maybe you want to beta test:

Just be sure to enable the "Detect thin walls" setting on the slicer.

Cool thank you! I will revert back ASAP :) Will take about 2 hours to print.

Works 100%

Awesome!! Thanks for the quick update. I'll add it to the original files then ;)

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Cool! :)

May I re-sale these models for profit? I would place them in my store. And sell the models only. Not the files. I love all of your work.
Lord Paul's Emporium.

Hi there! Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, all my designs are for personal and non-commercial use. Here you have all the info:

Do you have a commercial license to sell the completed print?

Hi! Here you can find all the info:

Just a heads-up, found your dragon on printables a few minutes ago:

Thanks a lot for your concern. I've already reported it, hopefully they remove it soon

Am I allowed to sell these?

No, I'm afraid that's not possible. Here you can find all the info:

Hello, your models are really successful. It is a job that requires a lot of skill to design such models without any problems. What programs do you use while making these designs? I want to design too, but the programs I know make it difficult for technical work.

Hi! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comment. For my designs I use Blender, because it allows both geometric and organic modeling. Sometimes I use Fusion360 to test new articulation concepts, because it makes easier to modify the geometry. But the main work is done in Blender

Hello. Awesome design but a couple tugs and the head joint breaks with a couple other spots as well. Top and bottom layers at five and infill at 30%. Need some advice please.

Hi! This is the main thread, so I don't know which design are you asking about. If you have pictures that show the issue you can send them to so I can give you a better assistance ;)

I paid for the download of the files but it did not include the whiskers?

Hi! Do you mean for the Dragon? They are included in the ZIP file. Try downloading it again, because sometimes the file gets corrupted while downloading

Thanks for your concern. It has been already reported

Thanks a lot for your concern. I'll check it out

Hi – do you sell a licence to print this commercially?



Ah – no worries – just found the link to the form (

Hi! Here you can find all the info:

everyone is printing huge hollow ones and putting leds in them but the antenna holes try and print in mid air, suggestions?

Hi! A quick tip is to use modifier shapes in the slicer, so it prints infill just under the antenna holes (I used a small cylinder on PrusaSlicer). However, I have a modified version with extended holes to the bottom that can be printed with no infill at all. You can reach me at and I'll send it to you ;)

НЕ прошла оплата.Как скачать?

Hi! I can't help with the payment. You should ask Cults3D staff