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Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it. Usually I talk about these things by email.
I authorised some sellers in the past, and made some agreements. Now I'm trying to boost those sellers instead of adding new ones, because it’s hard to track all of them. So I'm not giving new permissions right now, hope you understand it.

Hello i would like to know, what must we do to have the possiblity to sell your design printed?
Thanks for your answer

Almost ready! Check my Instagram for updates (@mcgybeer)

здравствуйте..вы не смогли бы сделать версию на божью коровку

I tried it in the past, but I didn't like the result. Maybe in the future I can give it a second chance ;)

Hello Any chance you could make a lop eared version of your articulated bunny? That would be AWESOME!! Cheers Crystal

I've been requested for lots of different dogs, and unfortunately I don't have time to design all of them. Hope you understand.
However, I'll consider to expand the dog collection in the future ;)

Hi MCGBEER, i have a question about the Lazy Dog. I have the lazy cat and think it is super great. Now i see you have made the Lazy dog and my question is if you would be able to make a Bull Terier Lazy Dog? I have a Bull Terier and it is very Lazy so I would love to print a Lazy Bull Terier. Please add the Bull Terier to the Lazy Dog collection. Thank you very mutch for your consideration. best regards

To improve the bed adhesion you may try some things:
- Level the bed
- Make a thicker first layer (I use 0.3 mm)
- Reduce the speed for the first layer (depending on the bed material, you can lower it down to 10 mm/s or less)
- Clean the bed with IPA
- As last resource, use some stick product for printers.

Hope it helps!

Bonjour j’adore votre travail et c’est magnifique félicitations
Mais j’ai un souci j’ai une cr10 v2 et quand j’essaye de faire la mini pieuvre et bien les maillons de tienne jamais au plato il ne font que bouger à partir de 30 min d’impression pouvez vous m’aider

Just a quick line to say 'thank you' for the brilliant design. We now have to 'pets' which take no feeding, walking or vets bills😃
Keep up the excellent work.

Hello To who it may Concern, My Fiance and I have a very successful ETSY shop with over 10,570 sales and growing dialy. We would be honored to purchase a right to sell 3d prints of your various ever so cute 3d files you have created. We would of course give all design credit to you the design creator in each listing. We could even direct link those with 3d printers to here to purchase the files and print themselves. As the world is, not everyone has access to a 3d printer. We would love to provide our time and use of our three 3d printers we own to share your wonderful creations with the world. we have one large 12"x12"x16" FDM printer, a large 4k resin and a small 4k resin printer. All produce stunning results) We have purchased a few of your files and will be buying them all pending this outcome. Our 2 children are loving the flexi's, Our daughter picked the octopus and our son is all about alligators so that was great you had him. He named him In saying this, there are a lot of others out there who we're sure would want to have that joy there litte guys bring as well. we are Stayijng Optimistic and hoping we can work together. We have emailed this to you also, including more information in the email. have a blessed day and thank you for your time and consideration.


I'm sorry, I don't have an alternative design for the Flexiphant. But some slicers like Simplify3D and PrusaSlicer allow you to separate the model parts and reposition them. So you can easily do it with some patience (but don't twist it too much, otherwise the links will fuse together while printing).

Regarding de Tarantula, I know is quite a torture test. You need to improve your bed adhesion and deal with warping/curling.

For the first one, just be sure your bed is well calibrated and clean (I use IPA). Proper bed temperature (if heated), and maybe some stick or spray depending on the material. I used hairspray on my old printer with glass bed and worked like magic. Lowering first layer speed, even down to 8-10m/s, really improves adhesion. And also increasing thickness for the first layer, around 0.3 mm, helps a lot.

To deal with the warping/curling you should enable the z-hop (~0.4 - 0.6 mm), because the extruder may collide with curled parts and loosen them. To reduce the curling it's important to have a good layer cooling. Check it and be sure it's set at 100% speed and you have proper airflow. I improved my prints a lot just changing the stock fan duct.

If everything fails, you can always use a raft. I don't like it, but many people use it with good results.

Hope this helps!

We cannot get spiders kegs to print; any way to make bottom of feet bigger? Also a way to curl the elephants trunk to print it bigger? Thanks

My daughter bought a bunch of your models. 2 quick questions: is there a way to make a flexi elephant with the trunk twisted so we can print it larger? Also we cannot get the feet on the spider to print; any way to make the bottoms of them bigger so they stick better; we have tried everything!!


Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it. I authorised some sellers in the past, but keeping track of small sellers has been very hard. So I'm not giving new permissions anymore to small shops, hope you understand it.

Have a nice day,

Hi, I really love your designs! I don't have a 3D printer yet but I'm considering getting one and maybe sell 3D prints in my local area in the Philippines. Can I print and sell your designs? Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I'll be uploading my remaining designs these days (they were previously just on MyMiniFactory). Hope you like them as well ;)

Thank you. The Lazy dog is adorable and so is the Lazy cat.

Your creations are so cool! If you ever do an Opossum, I will buy it.

Yes, I'm aware. We have an agreement.
Thanks for your concern

Si quieres hacer modelos "mecánicos" te recomiendo empezar con Sketchup, y luego pasar a algo más serio como Fusion360.
Y si buscas algo orgánico, Meshmixer es gratuito y simple de usar. Y después estaría Blender, que es el más completo.
Un saludo!

Hola buen dia, soy nuevo en esto de dibujar en 3D y quiera alguna recomendacion de algun programa o como empezar. para hacer unos dibujos en 3D y tener algo para aportar a esta comunidad. desde ya muchas gracias.?