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I bought ARTICULATED DRAGON today and I think it's very nice.
Can you please tell me what filament (brand and color) you use when printing in video "Dragon2.gif".
Many thanks and Best regards

Thanks! Glad you like it 😁
That one is Wizard's Vodoo PLA from Fillamentum (one of my favourite spools ever)

hey do you know how many grams this weighs

(the mini octopus)

Hi! It depends a lot on the settings (walls, infill...). The slicer should give you that number 😉


Hi there!

Thanks for asking. However, right now I'm not looking for additional authorized sellers. Anyway, here you can find all the info and a form to apply just in case a spot gets available:


What is a good printing temperature for your 3d dragon

Hi! That totally depends on the filament you are using, your printer, printing speed... There's no direct relation between a model and the printing temperature

Hey I just got your 3d printed dragon what do u think is a good nozzle temperature

s/amy39/AppData/Local/Temp/ nothin there

No idea what are you talking about. Those are not my folders. Try downloading it again

Im waiting for octopus full asambly,completed 2.0v1 when you hit that one it's just head and tentaculus separate

There are two versions, woth or without texture:

I need the name for complete octopus,i don't find any file with complete octopus thanks

Just tell me the name of the file with complete octopus

Not sure which one of the two octopuses are you talking about. Anyway, both of them have quite descriptive file names, are organized in folders, and the model description gives you extra help

This come on parts,it's no octopus complete

Hi! On both my Octopuses designs there are several folders included with different versions. And yes, the full Octopus is included as well 😉

hello, i have found an issue with the huge articulating octopus head . the middle of the head is missing when i slice it except for the eyes and part of the mouth. i think this has something to do with the fact that it wants to print a random line going out to the bottom left corner of the print bed the line is being pointed to by the cursor.

Hi! That file is meant to be printed huge, and I mean at least 30 cm, so the wall is scaled accordingly. If you print it small, the wall is so thin that the slicer is not able to print it. For a small Octopus you should check any of the other versions ;)

oooh ok thx!

Hi! I printed the dragon recently and a few segments close to the tail fell apart. Is there any setting or adjustments needed to avoid this? Is there an update to the design I missed? I purchased this in 2021 I think

Hi! I'm sorry to hear that. Do you mean during print, or after printing? Here I've gathered a bunch of tips, and both scenarios (bed adhesion and brittle links) are covered:

Hola disculpa las molestias, mi hijo esta enamorado de tu dragon pero no tengo para pagar el stl, serias tan amable de pasarmelo para poder hacerselo a mi hijo, desde ya muchas gracias y disculpa las molestias

We have an other nobody on that godforsaken site uploading your prints , i reported it and hopefully it gets removed.

Hi there! Thanks a lot for your concern. It seems it has been already removed. Your help is much appreciated 😁

hello, have you a diferent name on thingiverse? I found this same model on thingiverse for FREE. just a little unfair if it´s your work and some one is publishing it

Nope, I have the same name on all my accounts. Unfortunately, I guess it's an illegal upload. Do you have the link?
Thanks a lot for your concern 😉


Hi, I was wondering if you have a license where we can print individual octopus for sale in a craft shop, not mass produced commercially.


Thanks for asking. However, I'm not looking for new authorized sellers right now. Anyway, here you have all the info:

I have purchased your articulated octopus file, but I am having difficulty getting all of the first little circles to lay down flat. If even a few move, I have to stop the print. I use glue stick on my plate. Do you have any recommendations of how to get the first layers to stay straight? P.S. I love your model.

Hi! I'm sorry to hear that. Here I've gathered a few tips over time, with a whole section about bed adhesion:
Let me know if you keep having issues and I'll look deeper into it 😉

Hi I was trying to print this file and it broke in multiple places after I took it off the sheet. I printed it with file C and A and it didn’t print correctly.

Hi! This is the main message thread. Which file are you having issues with?

I was wondering if you give permission for your prints to be used in a fundraiser? Our school is having one and thought it would be neat to add some of these to them. I would not be making anything off of them. This would only benefit the students of the school.

Hi! For that kind of permission write me to with the details. I'm always willing to help 😉

Hello. I was curious if there is a sellers contract agreement for one of your 3D designs. I'm fairly new to all this so I apologize if this is not the correct way to go about this but any advance or information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there!
Thanks for asking. However, right now I'm not looking for additional authorized sellers. Anyway, here you can find all the info and a form to apply just in case a spot gets available:

My wife is interested in the cobra and pen holder but would like to use the rattlesnake instead. Are they compatible, or would it require some modification to make them work together?

Hi! They have the same proportions and fit perfectly. However, the rattlesnake's scales are pointier and don't slide as smoothly as the cobra or the corn snake

Is there any way I could sell the prints and give you a commission? I’ve had family and friends asking to buy them from me after I printed one. I just don’t want to sell them without permission.

Hi there!
Thanks for asking. However, right now I'm not looking for additional authorized sellers. Anyway, here you can find all the info and a form to apply just in case a spot gets available:

I had the lazy cat, lazy dog and lazy pony, I dont recall the costs for the prints, but Im not able to download them anymore from my downloads section of cults 3d.

Hi! I'm afraid I can't help with the website issues. You should reach Cults3D staff so they can help you

Hey so I've tried the articulated dragon 4 times and some of the smaller pieces keep breaking loose at various points. I've tried multiple things as far as settings and bed adhesives. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. Ender 3 V2. Thank you!

Hi! I'm sorry to hear that. I've printed a few Dragons and other articulated designs with my Ender 3 v2, so I'm sure we can find the issue. Here I've gathered a few tips, I hope this is a good starting point:

Hello! So I’ve seen your models all over, and I’ve even printed a few, and I’m wondering how you design them to be the quality they are? I’m looking into making some of my own models, but Tinkercad isn’t the best for that type of work…

Hi! I'm using Blender. It's way more powerful, and overwhelming as well. But worth the time invested 😉