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If you purchased the files a new window, with the "download files" option, shows after the transaction is finished. Later on, you can go to your cults 3D profile and all of the files are in the "ORDERS" tab.

I ordered the mmpr power blaster blade and the mmpr communicator watch for the grand total of $22.32. I have not received any STL files. Can you help in resolving this issue yourself or help me with resolving it through the cults website?

Everything is a digital STL format and nothing is painted. But you can print each part in their respective colour if you wish so you don't have to paint it...

Regarding the new Picard era phaser rifle - are the pieces sent separately, and are they pre-painted, or do they require painting?
Thank you.

Scale the handle to be around 8 cm high and everything else acoarding to that and you should be fine!

Hey man. I would like to print your awesome Androxus revolver but i dont know the sizes. when I import the file into program its way too big. Can you help me?