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Is there a way to control the model with only the pinky and thumb I'm trying to build a hand for a boy who was born with a birth defect

Hi! The model I recommend you should not edit it. Because it's too complicated and model it's export for just print. If you try to edit you may get an upset.

Hi ! I buy articulated fingers but I don't understand how do you edited ? Can u explain me that please ? What is you'r process ?

Thank u !

Hi Manosh :) I was wondering if it would be possible to get your Gypsy Danger model with a Commercial License, so i could print it for customers legally in my 3d print company. Let me know if we could work something out :)

why can't I download PACIFIC RIM-GIPSY DANGER? URL error. help please

Hi, Nichgild. What I can do for you?

Hi, could you edit the files for me,?

Hi, Sahruk,
I can edit the file for you if need.

I purchased the articulated fingers full hand, but when i import it to simplify3d the size is messed up and I dont know how to change it that it fits the fingers.

OMARSUARES, please give me your email

HRPARIS.Yes, Please give me your email

Is it possible to split the parts into separate stl files? I can’t print the individual pieces because it is a single object.

la pieza q es la punta del dedo mide 67.8 mm de lardo por 10.28 mm de ancho.

Yes, I will edit the finger width for. How width of your finger?

Buenos días acabo de compara tu archivo, pero la escala esta mal . me podrás ayudar a saber a cuanto reducirlo.

Hello, This file can open by a sildcer and what ever CAD software. Do you have any problems with the file please let's me know.

Hi. I’ve just downloaded this file. Which program do I need to open it ?