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Hi Louise... I had downloaded the unicorn of darkness from cults3d... i found that the amour of this unicorn seems gone missing for the MMU version...
Can you have a check on this?

Thank you for making and posting Mother from Raised By wolfs!
looking forward to printing and painting.

pour cree tous c'est fichier stl vous avez un logiciel?

I use the following software:

Fusion 360

Sometimes a combination of all 3

Your RWB Mother is AMAZING, but I am having trouble getting the pieces to fit together. Any tips for resolution at default scale? I am going to try to reprint the pegs scaled down, and arms scaled up, and see if that fits better.

Anyway, thanks for the model! I made a base (on thingiverse) using the Mithraic symbol in the show, and am going to mount Mother onto that as a gift for a friend that turned me onto the show. Thank you for your work and for making this free! :)

Glad you like her but I'm also sorry she's proving a challenge. Send me some pictures to which demonstrate the issue.



are you kidding me? Your projects are GREAT...the Pig bank is far beyond what so many other people put up...I saw a few other things you put up that I really want to try making....I am afraid of making the Library Cat...I would end up having to make a number of them for other cat owners in my Senior Apt building..

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Hi mam, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hola buenas, con que programa creas tus creaciones? gracias de antemano

Hello there,

The offer is if you purchase the Schrodinky: multi material package then you get the Schrodinky: single material package for free.

thank you for your interest,


Hi! I am wanting to purchase Murphy the Library Cat. I was reading the information on Shcrodinky, and I would also like to 3D print him. Am I right in my understanding, that if I purchase Murphy the Library Cat and show you proof... you will send the Shcrodinky file free of charge? Or did I read that wrong?

Thanks :)

Hi there - super cat models - i have printed 100% and 150% all fine - Ilike the idea of money in the kitty - you are very talented young lady. Well done and keep it up - A question would you by any chance be willing to consider designing a multi part (or multiextrusion model) French Bull dog similar to cat attitude ( i am a maker zero design skills) Of course if affirmative happy to consider an appropriate renumeration-

I like your work -

in case ( thanks

Do you offer the dragon chess prints as a set?

Hi, I just purchased your new Dragon Chess figures (all of them) - I really like the details - WOW, you are so talented. May I ask which 3D application you used to make these? I plan to print these on my Form2 with the base sitting directly on the build platform (no supports under the chess figure - there are a few supports needed throughout the rest of the model). I also plan on following your Instructables guide on how to finish the figures. If you would like to reach out to me with any tips questions or suggestions please email me at
All the best!

merci pour votre creation magnifique

Hiya, I was wondering if you would allow me to pay for the rights to sell 3D printed versions of your rabbit fully painted with a link to your work included. I'd be happy to pay whatever, just wanted to see if this was something you'd be happy with as I love painting BJDs and haven't found a model as gorgeous as yours. Thanks for reading and thanks for your stunning work!!

Can you make the sorceress multi color?
I bought this model a while ago, but would love to print it in multi color:)