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Hi! I'm a huge fan of your catafrac series and i was wondering if you were ever going to make a pack for the "lionsons" like you did for the "Firing Dracs"?

Hey mate any chance you take commissions?

Hi! I do but depends on the project. Write me on discord

Is it possible to upload an unsupported version? Thanks

Hi! If you are asking about the levirobot kit, sorry but it's not possible.

Are you planning on doing some dedicated nordic Terminator unit?

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Yes, I'll cover all the legions

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Hi! I have already bought the kit when it was avaible only the top part of learning specialists. Do I have to buy again the entire kit for a double chests to have the legs?

No, simply redownload the kit from your downloads page

question, is it possible to get the basic file for your Catafrac legs? they are perfect for a digibash i am doing for my chapter master, but i would liketo know if it would be possible to pose them myself.

Sorry but that's not possible

thank you for your time.

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hello suscribe to me cordially


I just want to let you know that the back rear bottom tanks for your "Mortysons Graveyard Guard Conversion Kit" Torsos have glitches or dark spots in them. It might be an issue with my computer or something. But I just wanted to let you know.

Btw I love your creations/designs, they otherwise perfect and look amazing especially when fully printed and painted.

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Just want to clarify, that the glitches only appear when any of the torsos are put into CHITUBOX.

Hi, thanks for the warn... I'm going to check that part!
Can you reach me at discord to give me more details about the issue?

I just tried to log into discord and it keeps saying I'm invalid to log in. LOL.

you can reach me also on telegram (@lordchammon)

Anyways, I detected minor geometry issues in the back part of the torso (those issues are not in the merged models used in presupported files) an update will be published in the coming days with all the fixed pieces and some extras...

Thank you for your help, sorry that I couldn't tell you what was going on better...

Hi there, so I’m looking for the sons of malice customisable set that you have up as an STL. Is there anyway you would sell them as pre printed as I would be interested in these? If you can that would be highly appreciated. Let me know.

Sorry, but I don't sell physical pieces

Hi mate, in the past ive brought a few of your designs namely leviathan bits and thousand sons, due you still have the Iron warriors leviathan set for sale ?
thank you and keep up the great work

Join my discord server to get more detailed information about my missing designs.

Hey what happened to all the jousting experts kit?

Hi! They're not available right now. Join my discord server to know all the details

Hi LordChammon, thanks for your splendid works! Is it possible to ask you if you can add to the magnussons terminator shoulder pad the 40 thousand sons symbol? Thanks again!

I'll publish legion custom catafrac shoulder kits really soon. A new kit will arrive in the coming days and after that I'll finish my custom legion shoulder series...

thank you very much! I really apreciate that :)

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Hey I saw that you previously had options for printing an Iron Warrior Leviathan Dreadnought. Is there any way I can still purchase that file?

Any way to get the Wizard in Chatafrac still? I was going to get it this payday to go with the other kits I got from you.


I see you've taken the full horusons (bodys etc) down. There wouldnt be a way to get the full s stls by any chance?

thanks in advance

Dude where is magnuson terminator pack? They are gone 😓

Are you working on alot of the models you've made? Noticed alot of it that I've downloaded, the horusian terminators in particular are in secret mode

Is there any chance that the TWINSONS LEARNING SPECIALISTS CONVERSION KIT might get custom legs at some point?

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They are already done (you can see some previews on my discord server)... they are waiting to get supports and test printed... will be available really soon

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Thank you!

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Hi LordChammon! I'm working on a Knightly based dark angels and came across your cataphract wargear pack and wanted to use them for my guys. I'm wondering though are these suitable for MK IV or III armor and if not do you plans to make weapons kits for the power armor bois?

well, they are in scale for catafrac armour boys but if you want to use those weapons with normal armour guys you should downscale the files between 85% to 90%...

Hi LordChammon,
I run a very small-scale 3D printing shop that specialises in printing parts for the Many Sons/Sorcerer Marines Legion seeking permission to sell some of your items, specifically the torsos from your Magnusons Sexmet Cabalistic Crew Conversion Kit and your Magnusons Occultist Swordmans Conversion Kit. Please let me know if/how an arrangement can be reached.

Please write me privately via Discord or Instagram (

hi, good morning, question, are you going to make Mk 6 bits for space wolves in the future? i notice that you have made some for almost every chapter and I was wondering if space wolves bits were coming soon

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Yes, I'm working now on the lst batch of legions to be covered by my mark six series

Hey mate, loving your stuff. Question; would it be possible for you to make a regular Cataphract shield arm that fits the vulkansons shields? I want to make some regular ones with shields and I don't want them to have the same fancy arms.

Either way, have a nice one. Can't wait to see what you do next

Hi! Sorry for the delay but the generic arms compatible with the vulkasons shields will be available as an update in the limbs pack in the coming days...

No worries mate, thanks for hooking us up with your designs!

Hi! Finally I had the time to do the promised update. 3 generic arms compatible with the vulkasons shields have been included in the limbs pack in addition to other new pieces. Hope you like them!

I love it them ! Thanks mate, you are a legend

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Those Dark Angels cataphractii shoulder pads are the greatest I've ever seen!

Is there any way you could make a set as amazing for Tartaros Terminators too?

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I'll do some tartar pads soon

I can't wait, I love your work! I look forward to seeing more of it!

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hi mate, for the kenethai cabal - is it possible to provide a blank shoulderpad without symbol? these. just get rid of the symbol so a fourth blank pad is added in the kit? you would be my greatest hero 😍

Hello again. Since your work is so stellar in terms of the Catafrac series, would you consider doing some Gorgon Terminators at some point, since those guys are pretty much non-existent in terms of files anywhere? Thanks in advance :)


The gorgons are on my plan… they will not be the next kit but it’s want to work on them soon

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