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I’m Naveen, Senior Marketing Manager of auguth. We have started a 3D Printing Platform for Designers and Printers Worldwide having a lot of cool 3d printed products selling on our site and applications. I have seen your 3D Designs
and some more

on cults. I think it is an awesome and remarkable design that solves a major problem. I’m offering you a 5% commission for every sale based on the particular product if you allow us and make a deal to sell it through our website. We will pay you through Paypal and all you need is to give us permission to print and sell the product on our website. We will list the Design on our website’ll send you the exact order amount and other analytics through email and will transfer the 5% commission through PayPal. We are the first-ever 3D Printing Retail Marketplace for Designers and Printers and your design is the early designs we needed to place on If it sounds good to you to make a passive income with our 3D Printing marketplace, please reply to us with your Paypal email address and confirmation.

Currently, we have top designers from all over the world.

We want you also to partner with us. Visit to know more about us and you’ll surely do business with us! Reply to me if you are interested in it

Naveen Jose

seeking your contact info!

Hey Lefabshop, Your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hola como estas, sabes tengo problema al imprimir la ultima parte de la ZUZANNA LÁMPARA. esta imprime las capas demasiado altas entonces no se fusionan muy bien, he intentado reparar el daño en cura utilizando capas de adaptación, pero no queda muy bien que digamos.