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The shoulder pad from the mage one is too small doesn’t fit ….

Hey brother I’m trying to find your terminator file I’d very much like to have a look at it.

Hey there, I really dig the kit I just purchased (legionnaires of excess - trying to print some up as I type this). I was hoping though that you could help me out? The download didn't include the unsupported head files, in the folder it just had duplicates of the accessories. Could you update the file with those pieces?

I was going to comment how the supports seemed to not work out well for the terminators. Some would morph together along with their being holes in the models. However it sounds like you're fixing them?

i'm trying to find the true scale chonky terminators, how do I give you my money ?

Would it be possible to just paypal you the money for those truescale Terminators? I should have downloaded them before they got nuked

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You can find them in the Across the Realms welcome package over on patreon.

Joined the Patreon, does not show up there, just a bunch of fantasy stuff like rats and goblins

I like many others hope to know if the termies will ever show up again.

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I am working on them currently so I can bring them back with some much needed fixes.

Hello. I had a weird thing happen when I printed out the true scale terminators today. Each power fist arm, even after being drained and cured for several minutes, cracks open above the forearm. Is there any way to acquire the power fist arms without them being hollowed out?

Hi I bought the Eagle Armoured Space mariens yesterday, but they are not space marines they look like Legion of Krieg how can I get the Marines, please.

I bought your awesome termies way back before you had to take them down. I have a bunch of people asking for them. Do you still sell them? Do you mind if I do and split the money? Let me know please. If you dont want them sold or given out, I will not give them out.

Greetings and salutations! I purchased the truescale termmies a few months back, and I finally just bought my 3d printer. I did a test print and it didn't turn out very well insert awkward smile. I'm obviously quite new at 3d printing, so I was wondering if you could provide some guidance/ scale suggestions for printing them.
Appreciate your time,

Hey just curious if you have any of the legs that aren't hollowed out for the regular marines. The ones that are pre supported and hollowed just don't really print well for me for some reason. Thank you.

Hello sir, I already purchased the exolothreftes termis when they were available but I can no longer download them :(
Where could I re-grab those stl files?

jumping on the same train as everyone else, are the termies still around somwhere?

Exolothreftes terminators?

Want to get your exolothreftes terminators...people told me they were good

i too would love to find a way to purchase the exothreftes models. if they are available elsewhere please let me know.

Same as the others, please let me know if the truescale terminators are still available in any other way

Hello I like many other people saw the new “updated” terminators and said what isn’t there a dude who has an actually better and more flushed out designed range for them. Extremely disappointed finding it taken down from the store figured it’s the nature of these files has something to do with it. In hindsight probably should have just purchased them when I saw them. Well anyway if there is a possibility of getting them please reach out to myself and I think the dozens of people who also came to the same conclusion.

Hi, I saw that your terminator models were removed or got taken down, would there be any way for me to purchase them?

Probably the 100tg time today, but could I purchase the stunning termies off ya? Much obliged👍

Ay dude broken record at this point, but uhhh what happened to the exothreftes?

Even though the new official ones are scaled up right, those always seemed better to me. Just wondering, would like the models, but I understand if that's too much to ask, for whatever reason. Thx, and happy Spring!

Hi, I'm looking for the stl file for true scale termi. Are you still selling them (in private maybe) ? Thanks

After the squad of regular exolothreftes, best sculpt for termies, hopefully you add them back to the site

So I purchased both your true scale terminators and your front line attack stls. The problem is you seem to have re-uploaded your front line or something, my link threw cults says it's gone, and now I'd have to re-buy them? I'd appreciate some help