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hola me podrias explicar como hacerlo no logro ponerlo
un saludo

por favor me gustaria si es posible me comparts componentes, conexiones y el archivo .ino

learn to fkn design printables

hello can you please send the code and details for the SPIDER BUG ROBOT(QUAD ROBOT, QUADRUPED)-MG90

comment recuperer le sketch arduino ?

Hello, i'm printing the spool you designed for the anycubic, it seems to be having problems when its printing the over hangs. do you have an email so i can send you a video of what its doing. because it doesnt have the bed under the overhang the pla is just going curly and not creating the proper layer,

Many thanks


I'm interested in your spider robot. Can you provide the .ino file this particular robot.
BTW this is my first Project in electronics your help would be appreciated greatly.....Thank you.

U can contact me at

health would it be possible to send a list of electronics?
for any conversation I give my email thank you for your reply:)

Overview is how all parts should be assembled as overview. Sorry for your wasted time.
I have overview in several designs.

For the Gravitrax tower, the separated base and arms work fantastically. Thank you so much, we're enjoying it a lot.

Hello, can you please remove the 120 Complete Extra.stl from the Gravitrax motorized tower? I printed it out, thinking it would work fine, as I didn't need modular arms, but it doesn't work at all. Thanks

I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota R/T with 20" replica wheels. The 20's take a 7.125" center cap. I am looking for someone to create the STL file for it. Can you do that and are you interested in doing it?

I am interested in your .info file for your spider. it would be my first project in electronic's so any help would be welcome. thank you