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Helo. I am impressed by your violin. I am a beginer violin maker from Romania.
I need the top and the back of the violin made of my specifications so later I can carve them at CNC.
The top without the FF-holes, I will provide a height map, so I can later carve it to adjust the sound.
Also for the back I will provide a height map and archings.
I can provide all these made by hand.

The ideea is to spare some time using CNC to get rid of most of the wood,and later on to just adjust the plates to
specific dimensions, make purflings etc.

Please tell me if you are willing to help me and what will be the price.

I like very much your Violin (
which I have downloaded from the site.
However, I am in need of the pure CAD drawings, because I want to make some modifications and it is impossible to use .stl on autocad, for instance.
Would you have this, and would you allow me to use it?
Something like .dxf would be perfect.
Thank you!
Gustavo, from Warburg, Germany