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bonjour j ai telecharger un fichier celui avec rick et le zombie .je l ai ouver avec cura mais sa ne fonctionne pas

try either redownload or use a different slicer as i only use simply 3d so cant advise on other slicers

bonjour j'ai imprimer le modele soviet mais il manque des vetements un peu partout on voit le corps en dessous et les 2 bras sont tout plat on dirais qu il y a un probleme avec le fichier j'ai deja pris un de vos modeles race girl qui c'est tres bien imprimer pouvais vous verifier merci

hi sorry to hear i have since updated the model with a v2 please re download and retry this and sorry for any time wasted

ok je vais essayer merci

j'ai imprimer aujourd'hui le v2 et le meme probleme toujours pas les bras et l epaisseur des vetements ne tiens pas ca part comme une feuille par contre les bottes et la tete sont bien j ai imprimer a l echelle 1/16 pendant presque 9 heures dommage la figurine me plaisais

sorry to hear still having issues i orginally made the model for 1:35 scale and test printed at 50mm and 100mm what hight are you printing at ? i will try a test print at the hight you specify so i can see better the issues as when i printed at 50mm and 100mm it came out fine

echelle 1/16 / hauteur 114 mm /les bras au niveau des coudes sont manquant mais j'ai bien les mains mais a plusieurs endroit le vetemment est manquant ou est beaucoup trop fin et il se decolle avec les supports

ca serais au niveau des jambes ça ne serais pas grave car il faudra que je le coupe pour mettre en haut du char a la tourelle mais malheureusement c est beaucoup au niveau du torse tout les gros problemes pourriez le couper en 2 ou c'est compliquer

ill get a test done at that hight at weekend and get back to you

ok thanks

Hi firstly i am sorry you are having issues i am infact working on a v2 version of this to make it better to print in different scales this will will be added to original download once completed thanks

Hi, I love all your designs, fantastic work. I was wondering if it is ok to sell finished prints of your models. Thank you.

Hi they are for personal use only but i do sell a liecence fee for people wanting to print and sell its a one of fee per model

What is the cost and do you do a multi package deal? Thanks.

it all depends on models m8 but general between 10.00 and 20.00 per model licence one off payment and can print as many as want then

Ok cool, I will definitely be in touch, thank you for the quick response.

I'm interested in the zombie soldier 2 and the zombie soldier v2 for right now, I had already purchased the file a while ago what would the cost be for these 2 to be able to print and sell? Thank you. I'm interested in a few others also but just the two I mentioned for now.

Hi m8 generaly for simpler models like those 2 is 10.00 per model

if you message me your email address i will give you details Thanks

or you can make donation for the anount using the donation button and type what the donation is for and i add you to my list of sellers Thanks which ever is easiest for you

good evening I use a translator I am from France
and unfortunately I don't speak or write English
Please excuse me

good evening I am addressing JOHNDAVISJR
good evening to you

I have a friend who tried to download your figurine to print it for me this is

but he encounters a problem

it does not see the complete download
could you tell me the procedure to follow so that he can download it completely

thank you beforehand
Best regards

i not sure your issue as others have downloaded and printed it ok but i will look into it and if i find an issue ill let you know did you try to download it ?

i checked for you it has had 309 no issues but to confirm i re downloaded myself and works perfect not sure how to help tbh maybe ask friend to make sure his drive he downloading to is not full or that there is no restrictions in his country stopping him downloading

good evening to you
Thank you very much for your answer
I will forward your messages to my friend who has to print it for me
thanking you
good evening at home
Best regards

model was a nice add to my diorama - nice work!

Glad you like and thanks for commenting

Hello there I’m look for some one that has stl file for a 3d printer of 75 rangers and delta force black hawk down how did get youre mold and is there any way you could maybe be able to assist me with this I’m look for files of the mintures And would be very greatful for your help please contact me at thank you.

Hi i am not sure what you are asking ? mold i dont make molds

I love this model (so I bought it) but, is there any chance you can upload a version with the figure and the egg pod are separate to the base?

(I'd prefer to use my own base that better matches my other prints)

Thanks! :o)

Hi sorry it took a bit to get back to you , ill check see if i still have my design files if i have them ill upload the parts , if i dont easiest way to do it is use a program called meshmixer and just plane cut across the base which should get you figure seperate , for egg you will have to do similar but bit at a time to get all side of egg , hopefully i have still got my design parts as the model has been made print ready it cant just simply be split , gimi a few days and ill get back to you sorry i cant help better than that at the moment

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Thanks John, that sounds promising! :) If you find the separate models, that would be great. If not, I'll try splitting them in 3DS Max but, you could save me the time if you still have them. Was there an original neutral / 'T-pose' of the female? If so, that would be of interest. AND... I just purchased your 'Alien Girl' too - which also looks great! Any chance you have that model separate from base too? Thanks again :o)

hi i managed to find my save for the girl and baby but not the pod or base so have uploaded that for you

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also i checked for the alien girl sadly i must have deleted my design parts for that one as normally to save drive space once the models are print ready i delete all other stuff to save drive space and i dont use t pose models sorry

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Awesome! :o)

Thanks for taking the time to upload the woman & baby model, separate from the base.

I've just checked it out and that's exactly what I was hoping for :o)

No probs about the egg / pod and the other alien girl, I will separate them myself (I hope you're OK with me making that change).
Many thanks again :o)

yes no problem some models i do split up if feel will print better but that one was pretty simple print was only reason i not split but definatly not an issue

Thanks for subscribing!


hi, i have bought the race girl and printed it, but in my slicer is the girl waering a T-shirt, and when its printed without T-shirt, there are nude boobies, hahaha, can you tell me how its possible please, greetings from joeri

hi i didnt make this model in 2 versions it comes as clothed girl only hope this helps

then why is mine top-less and nude? in my slicers she has a t-shirt, when printed ,not, explain please

hi now i understand you better at first i thought you meant you removed the shirt firstly what slicer are you using ? also are you making hollow , what resolution you printing at ? i am in process of updating this model as a free update as from all the sales i have had only a couple including yourself have reported an issue so i am not sure if its a slicer issue as mine printed perfect other than a tiny hole on tshirt which was the first report of an issue and this i have conformed is an issues hence the free update i am sorry its taking me some time to role this out as i have been having health issues but will get it out asap hopefully this will fix the 2 issues but i am still confused as to how yours it not printing the tshirt at all

now added a v2 this should fix any issues with holes in shirt , for missing shirt i think this could be a slicing issue

hello can you tell me which characters are for 1/64 scale cars diorama?? thanks Alex

hi i dont actually make to any specific scales but you can scale the models up or down within reason to scale you need hope this helps

Hi sorry no i dont but i am always open to people giving ideas of what they would like designed tbh i just make models as i feel like it then i add here so as to keep it as a hobby and keep it fun Thanks

Hello, do you take requests or payments to build a custom file?

hi sorry no i dont i try to keep this as a fun hobby and just make things as i feel like it

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Si.. Disculpe... Cometí un error... Gracias por el modelo.. Muchas felicidades.. Tiene excelentes modelos

Thanks for getting back to me and clearing things up Thanks

Hola.... Primero felicitarlo por sus excelentes diseños... Comentarle que esta última compra parece que hubo un error y pagué 2 veces... Por favor revíselo... Muchas gracias.. Saludos

Hi i checked my sales and it is only showing as one sale
can you please send me a screenshot or the dates it showing you as two please
thank you

we can sort this no problems my friend

Hi the race girl file has some errors on her cloth. There are lot of holes on the shirt and its thickness is very thin. I can't print her so can you fix it?


hi can you please tell me what printer you are using fdm or sla also your settings please

I am using sonic mini 4k resin printer. My printer is fine only the file has some issues. You can check the shirt under her arm, there are some holes on it.

i will recheck the file as soon as i get back from work , was it just the shirt with issues ? not worry i will always try to fix any issues and upload a v2 version thanks

Good Morning John,
as I can see you are a spectacular designer in 3D and also a modell builder. I want to ask you if you have a 3D modell of a german Navy Man? I want to redesign a existing modell, but it dont looks like good :-) I think, maybe im not useful in designing. I build at the Moment the german korvette "Erfurt" and I need some Crew for it. If you are interested in the build, you can have a look here:
I hope you can help me and I hear from you. Greetings from Germany

Hi at this time i dont have plans for any sailor models as i have quite a few backlog of models to complete but i will add to my list of people ask for


Hello, can you please tell me the scale from your race girl? thx much

hi sorry i didnt reply sooner the scale i made it use with 1:10 and 1:18 scale rc models so you can basically scale up and down to suit your needs

Hello, one question, what kind of scale is the race girl from you? thx much.

answer pleas at

hi sorry i didnt reply sooner the scale i made it use with 1:10 and 1:18 scale rc models so you can basically scale up and down to suit your needs

  1. i have had no reported issues
  2. you stole it pure and simple and was selling it
  3. if people report issues i fix them and unlike you dont exspect money for it 4.did you not read the licence ?