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Hello, i noticed your lucius pattern wardog was removed and was wondering if you could repost it anywhere and link it to me, thank you

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Someone is selling 3D prints of your Warboss Orktober model on Etsy in violation of the Non Commercial Use license. You should report this to Etsy, they have 2 different shops. First link sixth picture: and second link third picture:

I'm looking for missing parts for ORNATE VAMPIRE DREADNOUGHT - MARK LIV like the back
Can you send the, or is there somewhere I can get them from


Hi! I'm searching for your Emilia Naveni file but I can only find supported files. Is there a place where I can find it?

Hi. I have downloaded the Lucius wardog titan, but the top cover does not seem to be there, is there a separate file for it?
Best wish and thank you for reading my message.

Hi Jim i found your model for the mars wardog titan is their any chance you could share the original with the rest of the parts its been expunged from google for the most part

any chance your able to post the large orc boss you had previously? or any other platform to message you on to obtain it?

Hi love this design! I've used this in conjunction with one of my and uploaded it. I have credited this design and directed people to download from you directly. Hope thats ok! Thanks :)

Hi, I'm an aspiring designer on Cults. My models are not popular with people - so please share how you achieved such a large number of subscribers and downloads - i.e. how did you start. Did you buy ads on social networks, or did it all come by itself while you gradually uploaded your new works (and you did only what you liked, not trying to get into trends). Please, if this is private, email me. Thanks

The Zip File for your "Mars wardog titan 3D for print" seems to be missing several STL files. It downloads
"Mod_364" which only has 8 STL files in it....

Hello had a question about the FISHY SOCIAL DISTANCE ENFORCER. Im trying to print it out but the models show up blank on any slicer that i have and i dont know if it would print out normal or are the files i have corrupted.

Whats the best way to orientate the model for best results when printing

Do you intend to release the ladies of war models that you had in the past? A friend of mine recommended your stuff and I've seen some of them on cults. I'd love to be able to purchase those if you have them for sale.

Hey can I get something you might have that I can't get anymore

Hey There, any chance you have the warhound titan still available?

hey, is there any chance I could access your fishy social distance enforcer?

bonjour , avez vous encore le titan REAVER ?

looking for the chief brain bug, and his Brain bug pals, they seem to have disappeared......

I was looking at all of the sculpts you had posted before, and was wondering if there was any chance you would be willing to share them? Also, how would one go about sending you a tip? I love your designs, and would really like to support you! Please send me an email at

Hey, is tehre a way to get in contact and buy the Lord Discordant STL?.. cant find it anywhere anymore....

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Hey man, do you still have the file for your Mars Wardog Titan floating around anywhere?

Hi jims, would love to get a hold of some of your old C*stodes models my brother

did he ever get them to you?

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No :[

Hey, Ive been looking for good warhammer miniature STL files and found some models of yours here

They link directly to here where (sadly...) your model no longer exist. I was wondering if you still have them kicking around somewhere?

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Hello Jimsbeanz, I wanted to ask you if you still have the STL files for the custard guards (custodes). I remember you having them but I do not see them anymore. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day.

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