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I'm seeing that you are using Raisecube r2 printer.
I'm wondering what version of Marling your using right now?

It is very simple.
First, you have to cut the aluminum foil taking into account that when cutting, the size has to be slightly larger than the round cover that comes in the set.
Then you have to fill the capsule halfway with coffee, put the capsule in the filling tool, put the already cut aluminum foil on top, cover the capsule with the lid, which has two types of grooves, as is necessary look at the side markings, which match.
Then, with the half-moon spatula, insert the rounded part into the grooves and tighten to be able to bend the aluminum and fix it on the edge of the capsule.
Do the same with the other slot that is on the other side.
Ready, the capsule is ready to put it in the coffee machine.

Hello! :)

I have purchased the dolce gusto "refiller" but can't figure out how to use it. Please help! :)

Thank you,

Me alegro por su interés.
El manejo es muy sencillo, pero intentaré hacer un vídeo explicativo.

estimado he impreso el LLENA TUS CÁPSULAS DE CAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO, no me ha funcionado, agardezco un video o guía para utilizarlo. Saludos y gracias