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what is the wheelbase of the TOYOTA TUNDRA? how about the WIDTH? thank you.

I bought your toyota tacoma model, would it possible to get a stl file of it all in one piece? I'm trying to print and having a hard time lining it all up in the middle

all parts in one?

Yes all in one, I want to cut it myself


Awesome, thanks again!

is this Tundra 1/10 scale?

Hi! I was wondering if it was at all possible to make one of your models (1/10 scale) down into let’s say a hot wheel size?

i dont know

Do you have other pictures of the Ford Bronco 1975?
What RC chassis does it mount on this super body?

Thank you very much and have a good day.

email :

Please write me on WhatsApp +79371508517

I don't have WhatsApp, please reply by email like last time.
Thank you

Hello, After impression of the Ford Bronco 1975 the wheelbase is not 313 mm but 325 mm !!!! How much percentage must it be reduced to arrive at a wheelbase of 313 mm?

Do you plan to send me the 2 missing STLs as previously requested?

Thank you.

send me your email

In the files of the Ford Bronco 1975 with interior the file body_015 is missing, is this normal?
Thanks for your feedback.

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+79371508517 whatsap

Can you email me the missing STL files (body_005 and body_015) of the Ford Bronco 1975.
Thank you

hello dear designer, would there be any chance that you would sell me the interior of the nissan safary greetings thank you.

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+79371508517 whatsap

hola, buenas tardes, estaba viendo el diseño de la Ford f10 que tenes la verdad, increíble, una consulta, porque necesito solo las letras de ford, es decir la letras de la parrilla, por esas casualidades lo tenes por separado? muchas gracias

understood nothing

hi i bought the toyota artic from you but i want to know if you ca help me i wat it i sepperate parts want to make 1/4 scale from it so everything can open as it should please

I'm talking aboutToyota Hilux Arctic Truck Body 1/10

Hi, any change, you would export stl files with better resolution?

Hi, my name is Thomas. I would lite to ask you about your model of Toyota Hilux Arctic Truck Body 1/10. I want to buy it but i am curious if Front and rear lights are includes? Thank you.


i purchased your porsche 911 RWB 3d modell and was wondering if you can share the full modell?
currently its in 8 slices which does not make any sense for me.

thanks so much!


Can u make the single cab silverado a 4 door cab

+79371508517 WhatsApp

Dear friend, your number is fine? It does not appear in the wassap, do we have to add a prefix to it?

79371508517 WhatsApp

please contact me missing parts on the nissan patrol i am missing one side of the front bumper and one side rearview headlight

all parts are correct

Good I just bought the file for the nissan patrol mk5 but I see that ai twice the files and I do not understand which are the ones that are right. Can you help me

I see that the wheel does not fit well, that's what I meant if the width of each wheel pass can be widened by around 125 mm. If you can do it, happy to buy the file, thank you very much, I hope your answer, a greeting