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Would you mind sharing the setting you used to get these supports with "Dragonborn, winged, combat ready (DND)"
I really enjoyed them and i was wondering if i could use them in other prints.
Thanks for your designs

Hello, wondering if you would consider making the g26 with g26 front rail and a p80 g26 rear rail. Thanks for all your time.

Printed it out looks awesome. Trying to figure out what rails work on this. I know it’s not Glock 19 but guessing p80 rails. I purchased some that are for DD19.2 frame and was hoping that is the same as your file. Not sure what a DD 19.2 frame is. Any help would much appreciated. Thanks again for your time.

Selling Free Files? Are your own not good enough?

Damn bro those 10/22 models look just like the ones that I made! You must be really good at copying me! Great idea on using the u-bolt on those AR15 lowers, can't believe that I though of that!

Quit stealing my shit you loser

Credit the creators of the models you took from Deterrence Dispensed, list them for free under CC-BY-NC-SA, include a link back to the community
Take them down

these have already been answered below

What is the recommended way to attach the buffer tube section to the AR lower. And also the rear take down pin hole isn't big enough. Thanks

Hi quick question when I open your Glock 17 STL in Cura it shows up tiny on the build plate, I read the notes and it gives the Minimum dimensions and the maximum Dimensions how do I get it to be the exact size that it's supposed to be?

Hey, bought your VZ-61 lower model. Looks great but can you please post the .STP file? I'd like to personalize it a little. Thanks!

vary carefully.. and if you dont want to use supports thats on you with the software to find out

Hi there - on the Skorp lower, how does one remove all of the support structure? Or is it possible to print it without supports? Thanks!

you need to scale it in Millimeters not inch's. us Simplify 3D it auto scales and just just one of the better slicers
y: 195.35
z: 36.96

I bought the ar15 file and the model is very tiny. What is the scale dimensions it needs to be?

f17_d33p_ffmu_no-embellish was the main file along with the notes, i just dropped other related files in that i had (vg17_vinh_plain_v1 and vg17_vinh_v1 _) and some other parts.

Hello, we downloaded the Glock 17 lower from you, and out of the three frame models only one was up to scale. vg17_vinh_plain_v1 and vg17_vinh_v1 were massively too small, as if they were scaled to small, we also changed the measurements from English to metric with the same results. we have moved all three into cad software and slicers with the same results. we have also re downloaded it multiple times with the same results. so any advice you could give is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

its a g19 Polymer 80...

Hi! I purchased a file from you yesterday! The Glock 19 stl. I was wondering what gen is it based off of a Gen1,2,3,4?

theres only one scale for a AR 15.
why would you split it, it wouldnt not hold up for use.

On the ar15. is there a way to split the lower right before the mag holder so I can resin printer ?

Hi on the AR15 Full lower, what scale is it?

Hi! I purchased a file from you yesterday! The Glock 19 stl. I was wondering what gen is it based off of a Gen1,2,3,4?

i use stl. so idk google

What program do I need to read you .md files? they're the only ones I can't seem to get to work.

screws right into the lower and would recommend epoxy/super glue too.

I have a question about the kolt ar15001 lower how do you hold the 2 pieces together.

i do step and fcstd

Do you have the original files for the upper of the AP9? I'd like to make a few changes and as an STL in Solidworks it makes it difficult. If you have an IGES or STEP file that would be great.

2 spools $20ea hatchbox

how much do all parts cost 3d printed like how much pla filaments do you need?

Hello, can I buy any of the AIR INTAKE CLIP RETAINER that you made? Been searching for hours online for this and no one makes them. Need them for my International 9200I. Thanks!

cheaper way is you could weld the 1/4 dowel to a nail as well

Firing pin - 1/4 inch steel dowel head with 9/64 rod (58mm for rod) about 12mm for the 1/4 steel dowel.

you will have to make the firing pin, i use a hardened drill (9/64) bit and welded it to a 1/4 rod and cut to what has to be cut out. like in the picture on the
upload. i got the bit from fastenal i got like a 12'' bit so i could make multi of em if one didnt work right

hey. if you dont mind, i have a question for the shuty ap9. which firing pin should i buy?

hey. if you dont mind, i have a question for the shuty ap9. which firing pin should i buy?