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I love this planter and am planning on using it for the centerpieces for my wedding.

Do I need to add supports when printing?

Thank you and great work!

Hi there, could you send me the link of that planter? I don't know which one you are referring too. Cheers

No you cannot. Cheers.

i downloaded your dragon egg box, the feet printed out but when it came to the egg the first part, right at the very bottom it wouldn't print, it had nothing to stick to and all i got was spaghetti, i tried it twice but on both times it was the same

Have you tried adding supports to it?

bonjour,je ne comprends pas comment je peux personnalisé le pendentif pour mon chien

car je souhaiterais le personnaliser avec le nom de mon chien ( OLIA )

I will do it now and I will send it to you. Please give me an e-mail where I can send it to you or contact me in mine:

Je vais le faire maintenant et vous l'envoyer. S'il vous plaît donnez-moi un e-mail où je peux vous l'envoyer ou contactez-moi sur le mien:

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je vous ai envoyé un mail depuis mon adresse personnelle .


It was the tubular vase I'm not sure what happend but I restated my laptop the following day and it let me extract it it must been a problem my end thank you for the reply aswell

No problem! ;-)

Hi I have downloaded one of your files when I try to unzip it it is requesting a password on the file to extract it

Thats really weird, whats the name of the model?

Darf ich die Produkte die ich bei ihnen kaufe bitte verkaufen Natürlich nur die gedruckten Sachen nicht die Datei

No, you cannot. Du kannst nicht.

schade dann lohnen sich bihre datein für mich nicht


Hello good day,

I have bought your model of coasters but I am unable to print it, it gives me an error in curra when putting it, I try to print it even so and it prints it well but the coaster storage box, only makes me the base after it does not print anything, it prints in the air, it could send me the files separately? That is, the box on one side and the coasters on the other?

Thank you so much and Happy New Year.

I paid the soap holder. This file contains some errors. Any slicer make holes in the model and no continious layers. Have you an error free file? Thank you. René

Hi Rhev, I've just sliced it in Cura (v. 4.10) without a problem.

Aw no problem

I would of been happy to give you a percentage of each sale or work something out with you.



What are your rules around me using the file to sell the vases?

Hope you’re doing well!

Hi Dan, I do not license my work, sorry.

Bonjour je vien de payer votre fichier du vase en le transférant dans mes fichier je me rend compte quil n'y a pas de modèle !!

@Sofianacha82 Hi, the model was there but the scaling was wrong, my bad. Now you can download it on its full size. Cheers. / Salut, le modèle était là mais la mise à l'échelle était fausse, mon mauvais. Vous pouvez maintenant le télécharger en taille réelle. À votre santé.

I would like to start a small 3d printing business and I really like your designs. Would it be possible to print your designs for commercial purposes ? Thanks

No, I don't license my work.

No, I don't license my work.

do you have this planter in STL?? cura not wortking with x3d

@CARLOS_TER Hi, I've just uploaded it in stl format. Cheers.

Great job on the pyramid. My wife was wanting a box and I was going to design one but found yours. It printed great without supports other than under the top piece which I added but the main price printed perfect. Excellent work my friend.

Dear Sir, we are interested in your Shell pot. We are 3D printers based in Italy and we have a shop online selling 3d printed planters only on order- We would kindly ask your permission to buy your model and sell 3D printed items derived from your great model. We will put in our description your name and links as the owner of the model Copyright. Thank you for your attention,

DJKARAJO2 acabo de subir una versión mejorada del modelo, espero que esta vez no tengas problemas.

Qué tal DJKARAJO2, voy a mirar el modelo y te cuento. Entretanto si quieres te puedo mandar gratuitamente 2 o 3 modelos de mi galería, por las molestias y tal. Un saludo.

Hola hace algunos dias compré un modelo de tu autoría (Pagoda Box) ya llevo varios intentos para imprimirla y no logro que salga de forma correcta, podrías pasarme los parámetros de impresión? Tengo una Ender 3 V2. Desde ya muchas Gracias!

Hi DRP71, any of them, if you are a good maker.

Hi Iago, can you tell me which of your pieces are 3d printable please?

hello i buy the fruit bowl ,open the stl in cura write error mailform print ,and meshmixer see errors

hello i buy the fruit bowl ,open the stl in cura write error mailform print ,and meshmixer see errors

Thank you for being the only person on the internet to upload a 4096 Tetrahedron. Many thanks! :)


mais je n'arrive pas à l'ouvrir sur Cura, pouvez vous m'aider ?