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I have been using your prussa slicer settings and they have been working fantastic along with using your app to make cutters. Thank you for posting them. I have just updated my slicer to 2.5 and was curious if there were any changes to your slicer settings with the new update?

Hi there. Yay, so happy they are working well for you. I don’t think the new changes will affect our settings for cutters. The new perimeter generator looks like it will be better and is set to use that automatically. Here the video info

Thank you for responding so quickly

Sorry to bother you with more questions, but all of a sudden, my walls on my prints are so weak. They are very thin and have many gaps. The walls of the cutters are breaking as soon as I use them. This started even before updating to 2.5. I am trying to trouble shoot the issue. I have cleaned my extruder end but wondering if you know what the issue might be or if you have a suggestion.

Can we chat via Facebook? Message me from my page

I love your work! I use these items for regular clay. My husband is trying to learn how to make textured rollers for me. Is there a class or site to learn this? Thanks so much.

I think I answered this for you on my Facebook page

Hey there, I have purchased a couple of your files. The trapezoid set and the arch set. I went to print the trapezoid set and it did great until the end. It didn't finish the walls of the cutters off all the way around. It is only in places and then there is a gap. It is in the same place on every cutter. I sliced them in Cura. I don't really want to change my settings because apart from these, the current settings are making beautiful cutters. I am wondering if it is because I have the infill pattern set to cubic subdivision. Could you give any advice on why they are not printing correctly.

Hi there, this is a common problem with printing cutters. There are settings in the slicers to print thin walls. I made a recent post about it here

Thank you. That resolved the issue

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Hey!! I have a lot of these in my cart, so I'm excited to be a supporter of your business! <3. One request- can you make some cats? Silhouettes, cat face stamps, a paw print even would be super!! Thankyou!!!

Hey there. Great idea, thanks. I'm just working on some paw cutters and will upload asap. I'm also working on a roller and some other cat designs. 😀

I’m having issues where the 0.4 cutting edge is brittle and snaps off from the rest of the cutter. Is there any way to prevent this?

I usually find that the small cutting edge is really solid. So I’m thinking it’s probably a printer or slicer issue. Have you seen my settings? Message me on Facebook and we can chat further

Hello! I love your clay cutters!
I see so many ideas!
I found you because of your pastel pots tray.
I am looking for a design file for a set of custom watercolor pans. Have you dabbled with designs for paint pans & palettes?

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Hi there. No I haven't made any but would be happy to design some for upload here. Could you email me and let me know what you would like

Hi is there a way to resize this, it printed way to small

The hedgehog file? The largest cutter in that set is 2" wide. Did you want something bigger?

Hello Horsebytes,
we just came across your cool clay cutter / cookie cutter etc. Files and find them very interesting. We run a small business and sell here our 3d printed things (including cookie cutters) Since we want to expand with clay cutters and texture rollers, we would like to ask you if we can sell the printed results of your files? So the finished printed rolls and cutters?

Hi there. Yes, you are welcome to sell any prints you make. Please don't sell my files or use my photos. Thank you

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Hi! Like your polymer clay textured roller, we order size 80mm long, 20mm diameter, 3mm wall thickness, please contact me, my email:, thank you!

Hi there! Is it possible to make the texture rollers 15 mm in diameter??

Hi there. I have found that making the diameter smaller causes the design to pull at the clay rather than roll smoothly. Maybe with a smaller, shallower design it could work. Send me an email to with some more info

I can’t seem to get a good print from this. How do I send you a picture of it?

Hi there. You can send me an email to

Hi there, I have an ender and I can't get the slice to make it without gaps in a couple of the cutters. I tried your facebook but can't 100% understand the parameters for the ender in cura.. can you please help?

Hi there. I never could get Cura to recognize the thin cutting edge on my cutters. There were always gaps in the slicer. That’s why I use Prusa slicer with the settings on my Facebook. Give it a try, it’s free on the Prusa website and will work with your Ender

j ai téléchargé le fichier cet après midi pour faire des formes dans de la pate polymère et l impression n est pas bonne les bords de coupe ( a la fin du cutter) sont trop fin et cassent il faudrait des bords de 1mm, j ai essaye a plusieurs reprises mais en vain ... avez vous une solution?

Hello. All of my cutters have a 0.8mm wall and small 0.4mm cutting edge. I haven't had any strength problems so I'm wondering if it might be a printer problem. Did you see my slicer settings here?

Please send me an email to so we can communicate further about this. Thanks

il me faudrait un tranchant de 1mm car a l impression le tranchant ne s imprime pas correctement.

1mm will not cut clay, it will smush it. 3D printers with a 0.4 nozzle will print a small 0.4mm cutting edge nicely

je vais vous envoyer une photo par mail pour que vous puissiez voir le probleme

Hello hope you are doing great.
Please can you do some christmas designs with emboss and some with out emboss. Thanks

Hey there. For sure, I do have some Christmas designs and will work on adding them over the next couple of days.

Okey, thanks

Thank you for confirmation.

Hello, ,I understand it is not appropriate nor legal to sell your files. However, If I purchase your files, am I allowed to sell physical items I would make from your files. ?

Hi there. Yes, please don't sell my digital files or use my photos, but you are welcome to sell any prints you make with these

I have a 0.2 nozzle, will that work with the bead roller STL file?

Absolutely, you will get a better print with smaller lines

On the Moroccan Doughnut set, does it have to be printed all together or can these be printed individually?
Thank you

@lagschmitt All my cutters are in individual stl files and can be printed separately

@ANJUMANMIM thank you so much. For sure, I just uploaded a couple of different lotus designs

Hope you are doing well
I really love your designs
Can you please design the lotus emboss shape?

Hi there Andreea, my apologies that I missed that one, I have added the file now and hopefully you can redownload. Many thanks for letting me know

Hi there. No I don’t think that’s right. I only upload stl files. Could you contact Cults?

hey, your file for the hexagon cutters is only downloaded in .rar, is that normal ? i cannot open it